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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Diff Gasket

I need to replace the gasket between the diff and the axle.

The haynes manual and the service manual at say to :
1 Remove half shafts
2 Remove diff

Then re assembly is the reverse of the above.

Is it as simple as that or is there something else that I need to be aware of before I start?


Tony Brough

dont forget there should be oil in there (drain first). And you will need to drop the propshaft as well.
Mick struggling with the wiring

I would replace the halfshaft gaskets as they often get damaged / stuck if like me you use hylomar on them.

Also beware when pulling out the diff - it can seem heavy when in comes off the studs if you're beneath it !

richard boobier

Hi Tony
it is as simple as that,presuming you know that you have to remove the prop shaft (maybe mark it so it goes back together the same way)and drain all the diff oil.
If your changing the diff gasket, I would change the half shaft paper gaskets(54) and the rubber o ring(55) at the same time otherwise you could be no better off for oil leaks !

Rob Newt

Blimey, while I was posting my answer Mick and Richard have beat me to it !!
At least we agree, great minds think alike..
Rob Newt

Thanks for the replies.

The axle is already off the car so it should be straightforward to remove the diff.

I will order new half shaft gaskets, O rings and oil

Tony Brough

If you need gaskets and O-rings in a hurry, i have some.

midgetbitz AT gmail DOT com
Dave O'Neill 2

This thread was discussed on 26/02/2011

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