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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - diff parts

Hi Everybody, Has anybody got a broken diff under the bench. I need a stud ,nut and washers from the bearing carrier and the drive flange and oilseal thrower. I need these parts to rebuild a diff and these parts are not avaiable to buy new. If anybody can help we can some to arrangement. . Simon
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I have one with busted cw and pinion.
Could bring it to m50 for a smal donation to my travel fund.
Or is that to late?
Onno Könemann

I thought the studs were available new - I might have some. Are you at Oulton Park next Saturday?
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Hi Onno, I wont be at M50 but friends might be. Hopefully I can find the bits nearer to home. However thanks for your promt reply. Regards. Simon
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I have just taken my diff apart, never done it before. It is knackered I believe. One of the planet gears is pitted and one of the the copper washers is virtually non existent. So much play in it probably more cost to rebuild if possible. Wht is annoying is I bought most of the bits to repair it.

I am wondering what to do now. So I have got the bits but I might need them to part exchange for a recon unit, might I? If not I they will be no use to me as I need a diff working.
Barry West

Barry if you bought 'most of the bits to repair it' then you should have the copper coloured washers, sounds like yoou just need a planet gear, these are same as old mini and can buy new from Minispares.
David Smith

Hi David, Its the seating that is scored. I think I will take it to some one who knows if its worth doing before I ditch it. Thanks for the info.

Haven't got that bloody stupid pinion pin though, nearly drilled the bloody thing right out to find it came out the other way :-(
Barry West

ha, RTFM !
what ratio do you need, I have a bit of a collection here...
David Smith

I hear the 3.7 is preferred but I really don't have a clue. I believe the one I took out was the original. It used to top out about 90+mph but if the 3.7 is like a whining dervish at 70mph+ perhaps I should stick to standard. What would your advice be.
Barry West

Barry, 3.7 will cruise at 90 all day but acceleration will be worse compared to a lower ratio (larger number) like 3.9 or 4.22.
what year / engine do you have, the ratio is stamped on the outer rim of the crownwheel, 9/38 or 10/39 or 11/41 what do you have?
David Smith

David the car is 1971 but it has had a replacement engine still 1275 though. Stamped on the crown wheel is 957 008 ?.
I would prefer acceleration to high speed.

The pictures show how badly worn the seating of the pinion is both ends.

Barry West

Other end

Barry West

I have just realised I have hijacked S Pages thread, so sorry have you got your parts sourced yet?
Barry West

David I just reread your post 957 008 is stamped on the rear side of the crown. BTA 1224 10-39 is stamped on the RIM. Do you have a spare? I presume this is 1-3.9
Barry West

Barry yes I have a 3.9 and can get it to Max at Bromham; email me midget1380 AT btinternet dot com pls.
David Smith


If you haven't found your bits yet, I'm sure I can sort you out with the parts you need.


James Bilsland

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