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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Diff rebuilder

Anyone suggest a company to rebuild a diff unit for me, has a LSD fitted so need a firm that can reset the pre-loads and all the local rebuild companies don't give me any confidence and know less than I do when quizzed
Alex Sturgeon

Hardy engineering in Leatherhead - but they are not known for being cheap.
David Smith

Another vote for Hardy - Bill rebuilt my diff in the paddock at Assen, once!
Dave O'Neill 2

full spec frontline k midget, not a lot is cheap, have looked them up on the web today, good to know the web site site is as good as the service.
Alex Sturgeon

I'd go with Hardy Engineering too... Although I do my own... :-0

M T Boldry

Hardy Eng did mine too, with Quaife lsd fitted.
Ian Webb '73 GAN5

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