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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - diff repair

hi all.
what degree of skill is needed to replace bearings in a diff. im pretty handy with most things but have never needed to do work on a diff before.i am having trouble trying to find good s/h replacement and cannot find anyone to do the job for reasonable price.its a 3.7.1 from 78 midge.theres a company on ebay that can do the 4 bearings for 80.
regards bob

good question!

Here is an article about it, hopefully it is helpful to you:

let me know if you have any questions,
Norm Kerr

if i replace my 3.7 diff with a 3.9 is it a straight halfshafts fit both.
regards bob.


Should be a straight swap over - shafts are the same.

Of course the speedo will be a little bit out.

Shame your so far away as I may have been able to sort a 3.9

richard boobier

i have a man getting back to me at the end of next week to let me know if one of his three 3.7 diffs are ok. if not let me know what you want for a 3.9 as this seems my only option at the moment as cannot find any 3.7. and they all want silly money to rebuild mine.i could arrange for courier to pick up.
regards bob.

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