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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Difference between C/B and R/B bosy structure

Hi guys,

Can any of you confirm my suspicions about my chassis? I think parts of the front have at somepoint been replaced/repaired with chrome bumper panels.

See picture one (ignoring the copious amounts or iron oxide!), there is an 'extra bit' that isn't on the panel I recently bought from B&G (pic 2). As the C/B parts are about 30 and the R/B parts only 20 I assume it is because the C/B parts have this 'extra bit'. Yes?!

Furthermore I also bought the splash plate (the new bit balanced in pic one, i think that is where it goes?). But if the R/B part doesnt have the extra bit then there is nothing to weld this spalsh plate too.

Also, as far as I can see this plate does nothing but provide a nice shelf for crud and moisture to sit and rust to start!

Thoughts gentlemen?

And before anyone says it, I know it would be easier and probably cheaper just to buy a good car than try and fix all this rust but I don't care, I enjoy the work!


P.S. Balls, noticed the typo in the title too late. Now I look like a tool! ha ha!

M Le Chevalier

Hard to tell from the photos. Probably late cars were different as the exhaust ran on the opposite side of the car.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

My 1500 car has that bit, its a '78. I wasn't aware there was a difference. I did have to reshape it though as my manifold goes that way as its a K series engine now.

Steve H K-ser

been looking at some of the pictures at:

The picture of a rubber bumper shell doesn't appear to have this bit. Its in the background but just visible, (or not visible as the case may be!)

Picture attached for reference.


M Le Chevalier

Here it is on my '77(ish) - original panel as far as I know.



Thanks DH,

It is perhaps worth noting that the picture of my car is of the drivers side, but the panels I have bought are for the passenger side (pasenger side has already been cut out, therefore I can't photo it). But I would assume both sides would be the same.

This is more confusing than I first thought (or maybe the panels are just wrong!)

The car is a '76 model btw.

M Le Chevalier

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