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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - difference between pre and post 74 wings

Hi can anyone help I have 2 front wings from BMH and one has AHA7393 which should be a RH wing for G-AN4-66225; to H-AN9-77590
and has one CZJ279 Rover, which should be a LH wing for G-AN4-66226 on; G-AN5; H-AN9-77591 on; H-AN10; A-AN10

I bought them for a 69 and they look the same but opposites so what is the difference between pre and post 74?

N Handford

Pre 74 is a chrome bumper car post should be rubber bumper.
The difference is the indicator hole and the height of the wheel arch
Onno K

Update I just looked on
which states

so what's the difference between early and late A-series Spridgets?

here's a photo of CZJ279

N Handford

this is aha7393

N Handford

The difference between early and late chrome bumper wings is the distance between the headlamp and the sidelamp/indicator.
Dave O'Neill2

And the bonet strut mounting is different on the late 1275 wing.

I thought you said pre and post 74 was the description off from the suplier?
Onno K

Yes On the first site it had them as pre and post 74 but looking on others I guess it's pre 66 and post 66.
Someone just emailed me to say the early wing have indicators closer to the headlight than older ones but they think replacements are all the same. I will measure it Thanks Everyone.
N Handford

the change point is definitely NOT '66.
There are two change points, the first around 1970 when the bumpers changed from chunky half-round section to slimmer square-section, and the second around 1975 when the rubber bumpers were introduced. Simple.
David Smith

just measured the distance between the headlight and sidelight cutouts CZJ279 is 80mm and AHA7393 is 85
I haven't found anything is any books that mention this so far.
N Handford

I think the difference you have there is more likely to be manufacturing tolerance.

The difference between the early and late wings is visble from 40 feet away, so is more than 5mm.
Dave O'Neill2

Ok bear with me on this

Part headlamp flange to indicator cut out
rover CZJ279 - 75mm
BMH AHA7393 - 80mm
BMH 69 Came with BMH Shell - 50mm
69 sprite appears - 80mm +

I'm guessing the rover CZJ279 - 75mm and BMH AHA7393 - 80mm are supposed to be the same but are just 2 manufactures attempts at the same part. I know speaking to BMH previously the said they hadn't made new tools i.e. they used old one and modified them like, they used the RWA tool and added a piece to make it a square arch again!

But the wings from BMH that came with a 69 shell measure 50mm so that is what it is. And my original 69 sprite one measure 80+ as they still have lenses on it's going to be bigger!

The other difference with the BMH 69 pair is they don't have the later, rear bonnet support which AHA 7373 does.
N Handford

Think of the differance this way

""" Winky .... winky """

If you have a pre 74 and post 74 fender onthe car...and you look at it from the front... The turn signals.will look like they are winking at turn signal will be way lower then the other...a said from above ...from 40 feet away you can see it...

Yes there are other issues... But this is the most blaring...dont get me wrong, it will fit, and be fine... Many have a "winky winky" set up and are fine with what your willing to live with

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Wink wink. Didn't realise until some time after the car was painted. Since replaced with the correct panel.

Greg H

Poor wee Sprite looks like my Aunty after the stroke.

How dare you insult my thougherbred MG by calling it a no frills Sprite. lol
Greg H

Sorry, I was so horrified by the freakish visage that I looked away before noticing if it was a Midget or Sprite. ;-)


Feakish? That's the good pic. The car turned up at my place looking pretty good but it was a non runner. Top photo. I like pulling things apart so 2 months later it was stripped. :) Don't park a car at my place. 3 months after that it was back on the road with new paint, rebuilt engine and new interior. I worked a bit faster back then. If only the latest resto was as cheap and quick.

Greg H

Haha, looks like it exploded!
Dave O'Neill2

Now thats what i call shade tree machanics
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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