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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Different Gauges

Just starting to get parts together for my next build and wondered what aftermarket gauges people had used instead of the smiths one ? and any pics if possible

I think the magnolia ones are a direct swap just wondered what else people had used

Andy Sebring

Im a big fan of "autometer"... and they have several off shoots...of which im using "Sun" and they have done very well

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

And a photo.... I did a combo, smith around the wheel and (autometer "sun" after markets in the radio console)

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Sorry... its almost 6 am here

Sun = Sunpro

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Andy, there are probably as many aftermarket gauges as there are opinions about which to get. Not sure if they are available over there, but I went with AutoMeter also. They have a large array of models and I went with the Antique Beige and have been very pleased with them. And, they fit right in the existing holes. The fuel gauge went to the center console with a voltmeter and clock. Yeah, I got carried away, but not as bad as Prop!! BTW, I took my wife when I went looking and she picked this style. Letting her have some input actually made it easier to get her permission to spend the money on them! And, she did a good job! Good luck in the hunt.

Jack Orkin

Nice gauges Jack.
I'll say it before someone else does - ticking over at 800rpm but there seems to be no oil pressure or is that an oil temp gauge?
Jeremy Tickle

The questions you might want to ask yourself are:

Digital or analogue display

Analogue with 90 degrees sweep or 270 degrees sweep

Advanced features such as programmable ones for tell-tale/peak readings, colour change for peak reading/warning etc.

Daniel Stapleton

Oh,dear, I'd better go check that...the car was not running! Don't know why it stopped at 800 when I turned it off. I flicked the key on then off and they all dropped back to zero. I didn't even notice that!
Jack Orkin


What's the new project?

Have you checked out Caerbont who make Smiths gauges and other styles: NB standard gauge sizes.

These Caerbont made gauges of a variety of brands, e.g. Smiths and Elliiots will be available from the usual stockists e.g. Europa Car Spares, Merlin Motorsport, Demon Tweaks, plus they may also stock non Caerbont gauges. Also try SPA. Stack, Trident Racing Supplies and Raceparts (Racetech)

M Wood


M Wood

Mike mentioned Stack as one source. I don't know if Auto Meter is distributed over there, but I just noted that Auto Meter, of Sycamore, IL, USA acquired Stack, Ltd. of England in 2007!
Jack Orkin

These guys have alot of different options including a 7 gauges complete set for 199 pounds...

oops, just noticed they are an odd size....
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

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