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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Differential Rebuild article now avialable


my article on rebuilding the differential is now posted on-line, over at the MGE (US):

I hope that this will be useful, and, as always, I welcome your input and advice.

Norm Kerr

Hi Norm,

Very good article. I'm glad this is all now documented somewhere for future reference :) I really appreciated your help when I rebuilt my diff.

The one comment I have is in relation to the measuring of the preload. Thinking back to when I did mine, using a 'preload measure' similar to yours I also used a bar with a handy socket that weighed about 1lb. However I used a balanced bar rather than just marking off a breaker bar. Otherwise you also need to take in to account the torque added by the weight of the bar rotating on the pinion.

I'm sure I took a picture of it, so if I can find it I'll send it to you.



The one thing that jumped out at me was your reference to the cage bearings...

<< Those bearings rarely turn with much velocity, as they are only used when the road wheels are moving at different RPMs (going around curves), so are not exposed to nearly as much wear as the rest of the differential.>>

Those bearings are rotating at the same speed as the road wheels.
Dave O'Neill 2

Hi Norm,
fame at last, thats a picture of my improvised 10lb torque wrench :-)
One other thing, mini diff pins fit, though you have to redrill the cross pin hole as its in a different place.
Brad 1380

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