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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Dim or what?

Having burned out the dip switch as a result of the halogen headlight upgrade, I have now fitted a pair of relays (shutting the gate after the horse has bolted)

All fitted and wired-up as close to the lights as possible on the n/s of the engine compartment (midget 1500)

The nearside headlight closest to the relays works brilliantly, but the o/s lamp very dim or not at all and the o/s indicator bulb also illuminates for some reason.

Any ideas as to what the problem is here?


Sounds like a poor earth when another bulb lights up as well.
Mike Howlett

Yes - could be poor earth connection to wing; or even poor wing to body earth connection.

Anthony Cutler

Thanks folks.

'Twas a bad earth connection as you suggested.

Both halogens working brilliantly. The Lord said "Let there be light, and there was light" I can see for bloomin' miles.


I passed a red Midget - BHM423H - on the M42 on Monday and the headlights looked very yellow.

I will definitely be relaying my halogens.
Dave O'Neill2

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