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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Dip Switch Bracket

I need to fabricate a new foot operated dip switch bracket and in a ideal world I would get the old one I took off my doner car and remake in stainless steel or similar. (MK111 midget 1968)

However I have thrown away said bracket and it would seem that they are unavailable, so could any kind person send me a sketch with dimensions that will enable me to make one this week end.

Many thanks
Martyn Wilks

here is a photo
Flip Brühl

Available here new

dominic clancy

Ashley Hinton also makes it (probably supplies Moss) £8.00 plus VAT
Bob Beaumont

Thanks for the ebay link, offer made, the one that Moss sell (and Ashley Hinton) is for a earlier type switch.

Still need the measurements if available.
Martyn Wilks

I have now bought and received the bracket from ebay, could someone post a picture of the installed bracket in the footwell as there are no obvious captive nuts that I can see.

Martyn Wilks

No pics as I'm abroad - but there are captive nuts on an original shell, they're higher up than you might think..
David Smith

I knew this subject had been covered before, I can't find a photo but found this!

(the location of the lower dip switch bracket hole)

"the lower hole is 5 1/4" up from the floorpan (RHD car)"
David Smith
Nigel Atkins

Thanks for the info. my shell is a NOS item and I cannot see two holes in the toe board only one so I will use the dimension you have kindly supplied Nigel and see what it looks like in relation to the clutch pedal.
Martyn Wilks

The lower hole is in the toe board (stiffener) so the captive is not visible from outside at the front of the panel. The upper hole is in the footwell front. It sounds
like your shell could be from after the change to a column mounted stalk dip switch and your donor car is earlier.
Bernie Higginson

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