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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Dirty carbs

Due to rough running I decided to remove the dash pots for a general cleaning to check the condition of the needle but discovered that the piston and inside the dash pot was coated in a brown gravy like film. The car has been stood for several years before being put back on the road by the previous owner 12 months ago.

I've cleaned the carbs out now using a carb cleaner but was wondering what would have caused such dirty carbs in the first place and if there is anything else I should be doing to prevent it happening again.
E F Spencer

thrash the car, run until almost empty, fill it. Repeat often.
David Smith

Sounds like my wife's ethos in looking after me.
Eamonn Spencer

are you using a colortune and carb balancer, were they both brown? would it be the mixture/balance causing your bisto?
DW Warren

Yes both brown. It's still not running smoothly so I've ordered a colour tune and carb Balancer to set the carbs up properly. I'll see if that works. Thanks
Eamonn Spencer

let us know how you get on with the colour tune i'm thinking of getting one for my car after watching a video how to use it.
Neil Allen

Cleaning vac chambers and pistons is routine service. Soft rag and solvent only. How often depends on what condition the engine is in, whether it backfires a lot, air filter. A good engine basically running right, do it once a year.

FR Millmore

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