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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Disc Brakes

As there were quite a lot of midgets and Sprites with drum brakes produced, did anyone ever design a caliper mounting bracket to make it possible to fit disc brakes without having to change the stub axles. All info gratefully received.
D Norfolk

The early Dunlop brakes fitted to frogeye's as an after market upgrade retained the original stub axles. Not available anymore though. The later spridget stub axles are stronger than the drum brakes variety so worth changing to anyway
Bob Beaumont

You may wish to consider a new development due later this year from us. Its an Alloy upright with bolt in stub axle, offering greater strength than the original . A choice of stub axles for either standard or taper roller based hubs. Geometry of the upright is the same as the original, but the trunnions are bespoke items with ball joint fittings into the legs. The top trunnion will be vernier adjustable to allow for easy camber change.
Below is a pic of the upright.



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Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Lol, I like your style !

Looks excellent JLH.
Nick Nakorn

Thanks for the answers. By doing a bit of digging around in the archives and on the web I have managed to find a drawing of the original Sebring Sprite type caliper bracket that uses a Vauxhall caliper. This looks like it will do the job and would look "period correct" on an early 1962 car. The Vauxhall caliber is identical to the original Girling item apart from the bolt spacing. All I need now is to find someone to make me a pair.
D Norfolk

Hello D

Chatting to Ian at the MASC meeting yesterday and he mentioned that someone was after what you're after (might well be you!)

if you've got the drawings then there's a few engineering shops round Tad/Cas/Ferrybridge way that will be able to make one up for you. Sadly I'm rubbish and can't remember any of the names suggested but I'll ask again :)
Rob Armstrong

It wasn't me Rob, it must have been someone else. Minster Engineering is within walking distance of me and so I will give them a try and see what exorbitant price they might charge. I shall have to make a cardboard replica first just to see what it looks like first though.
D Norfolk

I would possibly be interested too! Be interested to hear how you get on. I did look at conversion some years ago but the cost was too high!
g Victors


Drawing is by Paul Webb on Martin Ingall's website and is here:

Info on original Sebring spec conversion with Girling Mk10 caliper, as well as Lockhead 'thin disc' conversion - before different factory spec discs, calipers and stub axles came later:

M Wood

Like the look of the Ally axle. . .is there a website on this with other pics etc ?
P Bentley

Dear Mr. Norfolk,

You may also be interested in our new adapter plates for mounting rear discs on semi-elliptical spring cars (Bugeye version to follow). The first production run is being anodized and should be ready for shipment later this week. Our website will be live in a few days:


JM Young

P. Bentley,

No more info of the alloy uprights on on our main website but plenty of disc kits on there.
I'm building a new Midget specific website ready for June which will feature all of our Midget products including our 2.0L Zetec conversion, all of the disc / hub kits and our coil over front suspension.
You can always pay us a visit at MG Live, not quite sure which pitch number ,but just look for the JLH signs.

This attached picture is for a 'J' bracket that uses standard Sprite/Midget calipers and steel wheel hubs/discs. It is designed for a Minor, and picks up on 3 of the 4 backplate mounting holes. What I don't know is whether it clears the Sprite/Midget upright? The front drums & backplates are either identical or at least very similar to the Minor, so it could offer an alternative 'period' fitting?

Please contact me if you would like a copy of the drawing file.


Richard Wale

Thanks Richard, that gives me another option. I would probably be able to make that myself whereas the Sebring bracket is made from 25mm thick material that is machined down to 1/4" where it mounts to the upright. I would prefer to us standard Midget callipers and discs. I priced up changing the stub axles and using all new parts to convert to discs and I got it to over 500. I don't know how much any of our friendly local Midget specialists would charge. Making my own brackets has got to work out cheaper. This is a project for next winter but when it's done I will give some feedback.
D Norfolk

The bracket you mention is available in USA:

One of the Minor specialist in the UK may sell them, worth asking on:


M Wood

Mini spares is the sister company in the UK for minimania here in the USA, so mini spares may also carry the part

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I couldn't find them on the minispares site but it should be easy enough to make a pair. My late father in law would have done it in an hour I'm sure. For me it will take a little longer.
D Norfolk

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