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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Disc conversion VW on spridget?


I know that the most common drum --> disc brake conversion on a Mk1 is using the complete set of front discs from another sprite/midget but these parts are not very easy to come by over here, but on the other hand using brakes from a late 70's VW polo or a mk 1 golf with 1100 engine to install on a Morris Minor with minor modification to fit is more commonly done so I was thinking that this may also be done on my sprite (both front and back). I don't know much about minors but maybe some of you do so are the any similarity between minors and spridgets regarding front and rear suspension/brakes etc

ASW Sorby

Midget disc brake hubs fit onto Minor stub axles, so I can only assume that if VW bits fit the Minor, they 'should' fit Midget as well.

I have a few sets of Spridget disc brakes available, although getting them to Sweden might not be so easy ;o)
Dave O'Neill 2

I also have a couple of sets of Midget disc brakes, and shipping to Sweden is very easy for me... not too expensive either.
David Smith

You won't need discs on the back unless you're seriously modifying the car. It introduces much complication when it comes to the handbrake assembly on a road car.

There are ways of fitting bigger drums but I've never found it necessary even for racing. A set of later Spridget stub axles, hubs and calipers is your best bet and Dave or David seem prepared to help on that score... :)

James Bilsland

All-right thanks for your input, although my idea was to keep the conversion cost to a minimum and shipment to Sweden is sometimes both hard and expensive (I've learned that the hard way) that's why I'm thinking of doing the VW, but regarding to your price if any of you'd like you could send me an email with a quote on your parts :)
ASW Sorby

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