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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Disc Skimming

Hi there - Can brake discs be skimmed? Mine are a little rusty but not scored or grooved. If so does Anyone know of a good garage to get discs skimmed, presumably on a lathe, in the Manchester area? Cheers.
Andy Davies

If they are warped, then replace them. If they are just rusty, then let the calipers/pads clean them off. If they are REAL rusty, then replace them. These things are too thin to try and turn (IMO).
Trevor Jessie

for what a pair of discs cost its not worth skimming them, midget disc are pretty thin when new so there is very little left to take off. If its only surface rust it often comes off after a few hard brake applications.

Mike J Pearson

I had mine skimmed when i 1st got my car.... It will stop the car.... "EVENTUALLY"

I regreated skimming the rotors scence day one

Agreed, to thin and too cheap to be worth skimming.
Lawrence Slater

I agree with all the above. If you are replacing them, as I did because they were warped, maybe you could go for an upgrade of grooved discs.

b higginson

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