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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Distributor

Adjusting my timing again this weekend (this time with the vacuum pipe disconnected), I noticed that when using the timing light to find the timing the timing mark on the pulley was steady for a while and then disappeared and then returned. Am I right in thinking that my distributer is likely to be worn causing erratic timing? Or do timing lights do that now and again?
I am using a new gunson light, can remember the model but it has the function that delays the flash by between 0 and 90 degrees so that you can dial in the amount of advance you need and then just adjust the timing marks to 0 degrees.
The engine was running smoothly with little or no variation is speed.
Thanks for your help.

D Brown

I have just found out some prices for getting my dizzy rebuilt.
160 from Dizzy doctor - well recommended and sounds good but 10 week lead time.
75 Aldon Automotive - also sounds good but no recommendations that I can find.

Does anyone know the difference between the two?

D Brown

This e-bay item might interest you:


Or ask about the Megajolt system. I know nothing about them other than it sounds like a good idea. Others here will tell you about them, an d I might learn something!

Guy Weller

Aldon can rebuild and/or re-curve your dissy to match higher CR.

I can't see how your dissy can work fine for a period and then go awol, i.e. you see a consistent mark that disappears and then returns. Normally a worn dissy would continually scatter the mark around a mean position.

Seems that your strobe might go awol now and again...

Anthony Cutler

Why have one rebuilt when you can buy a new one for less? I got one the other year (albeit for a 1500) and it was under 100 - and no, it wasn't a foreign part!

It has worked solidly through random chaos caused by dodgy carbs, and various other thrashings I have done to my car!

If you're going to replace the distributor, why not go with an aftermarket electronic unit or install an electronic conversion kit?

I've been eliminating points for years & totally please with the accuracy, reliability & virtually NO maintenance of the new electronic units.

It seems you've done quite a bit of engine upgrades, upgrade the ignition as well!
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

i bought a powermax dizzy from simon bbs off ebay for 65, it has electronic ignition fitted. fitted it last weekend and it made a massive difference, i would reccomend them.
paul sewell

Well, there you go...sounds like a good deal!

I know the pertronix dizzy I installed made a huge difference over my worn out Lucas unit.
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

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