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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Distributor Cap & Ignition wires

1974 MG midget 1275cc. Near the conclusion of my last thread " Begins to Stall after 1/2 hour Running", it was suggested that I replace my distributor cap and ignition wires. This has proved to be more of a challenge (for me) than I had anticipated. For years I've had a Lucas side entry cap on the car with a set of Packard 7mm silicone suppression cables (which were assembled myself) because I thought that was "the only way to go". This time, I bought a new Lucas top entry cap from Moss so I could use a set of new-type Cobalt wires (also from Moss) but I don't like that the spark plug end of the wire is not a 90 degree bend (so the wire sticks way up into the air) and also that the pre-assembled wire does not allow the option of the installation of wire markers or wire spacers (see photo).
Any opinions of side entry vs. top entry caps and also sources for good quality ignition wire components for those of us that wish to build their own? While we're at it, how about what is the best TYPE of ignition wire for our cars (solid core, silicone etc...)and size for top vs. side entry caps; are they the same?
Thanks, Matthew

M Moment


The "problems" you are encountering are all styling problems!
Non will actualy make the engine run better.
Would it there fore not be preferable to just fit the cap and leads you now have and see if that solves the problem?

If you ever decide to use an other side entry cap use copper cored wires these are better matched to the way they make contact than the modern cables
Onno Könemann

I don't think you've got a choice, as it's a RHD car. No room for a top entry cap. And never ever use graphite cored leads with a screw on typ of cap.

Do what I did. Go to a car shop and buy single leads of different lengths instead of a set.
Alex G Matla

Alex it is a LHD car ;)
Onno Könemann

Alex G Matla


Yes, you're correct, all these problems really are "styling" problems but after all, when you drive around in a 40 year old car, shouldn't you have some style? Lol.
M Moment

I have the same Cobalt top entry set up, and the blue wires match the Teal Blue engine bay and wireing harness.
The gray seemed too cool a color and it was realy from a different pallet altogether.

So much for style....

Phil Burke

With so manny sub standard part available today i don't realy bother as long as they work good!

If you are concerned about the look get copper cored wires and screw in connectors.
They can work and look as it should!
Onno Könemann

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