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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - does 1500 go into 1275?

how much of a 1500 can I fit into a 1275 bodyshell (ignoring issues of originality and good taste!)?
C Hasluck

lol, are you trying to make a tax exempt 1500?
C L Carter

You can't ignore the issue of good taste, it's just wrong.
P Ottewell

As far as I am aware the major issues would be the cross member is different, the suspension mounts at the front maybe and possibly the gear box mounts?
C Carter

everything except for the bumpers (which is just as well, I'd say, but others would counter with cries of "stop the hate!") ":oD

oh, and the transmission mount and drive shaft are different, but should swap out

the springs are interchangeable, but to decide which ones provide the best ride height may take a little experimentation with your own result (the bumpers were a significant part of the mass difference, so maybe rear springs = 1275 and front springs = 1500, or something like that)

Norm Kerr

If you make it work, I want to hear all about it =]
C L Carter

Having done this but in the reverse sense, the engine mount towers will need to be stupidly shortened, the gearbox tunnel will need some minor BFH persuasion along with a bit of the footwell, the front springs will be the wrong length and a few minor other items.
Possible, but not easy without some engine in/out/in/out/in/out fun.
r thomas

Use the 1500 interior and suspension (apart from the road springs) and source a 1275 engine and box... Fitting a 1500 into a shell that isn't designed to take it is far too much hassle for the end result...
James B

And .....
The 1500 shell has a lowered section in the front cross member that the 1275 doesn't need. So this would need modification to install the 1500 lump. Also, there are short lengths where the chassis rails have a chamfered section along the top inner edge to clear the larger 1500 bellhousing. The 1275 shell doesn't have this feature.

If you are going to all that trouble why not consider the K series..? ( I know thats even more work )
John Barber

>>( I know thats even more work )

... but gives you a 5-spd box as an added bonus...

Anthony Cutler

The front crossmember needs relieving to clear the pulley. The raised seam at the front of the tunnel(under the battery box)has to be folded back to allow the whole unit to align gearbox and engine mount holes. Passenger footwell needs adjusting to accommodate the bell housing, and where the exhaust passes between the chassis rail and the inner arch needs opening up.The engine and box flew in after that. I Used lowering springs instead of messing with the suspension mounts. I spent all day doing it though could do it much quicker 2nd time round. The result is a lighter car with a lower center of gravity and more torque than average, I like it!
a highfield

Thanks for all the interesting comments (food for thought). Just to clear up why I asked, I'm NOT looking for a tax exempt car. It's just that I am finding it easier to locate reasonably good 1275 shells rather than 1500s. My 1500 bodyshell is a complete basket case and while I know it is possible to repair anything, I was looking at all the options. I would much rather retain a 1500 body just for 'originality' but can't afford a Heritage shell and there are some ridiculously priced American shells on ebay.

Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

Why keep a 1500 anyway? It's really a triumph spitifre in disguise. It's not a real spridget :P
Lawrence Slater

Tongue firmly in cheek there Lawrence?
I love my '65, but others like 1500s for all sorts of reasons. Not my cuppa, but they were the fastest midgets in standard form after all.

b higginson

I want to return my 1500 to the road again for sentimental reasons rather than because I particularly like rubber bumpers. I already have a nice 1275.
Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

I've done just this! I had a 1500 with a great engine but the shell was destroyed. I found a RWA 1275 shell on ebay for 100 and grabbed it with both hands. The only alteration i had to make was the front cross member to accommodate the pulley. Everything else fitted quite nicely. Having said that i've just had to carve a chunk out of the passenger's footwell to fit a high-torque started motor.
Jamie Watt

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