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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Early Sump Pan

I spent a nice couple of hours yesterday paint stripping and then scrubbing clean the sump I'd put aside for my 1275 only to find it didn't fit! Thankfully I noticed before I'd stuck the gaskets on!
It must be the original one from the cars 948 engine and so has smaller mains.

I'm going to sell it on eBay so my question is what should I advertise it as? I'm taking it that it should fit all 948, 998 and pre 2" mains 1098 inline engines from Frogeye, Mk1 midget, Minor etc?

John Payne


Why not just advertise it as for a 948cc Frogeye (and 948cc MkII Sprite or 948cc MkI Midget)?

The Frogeye mention should attract interest. It is what in VW land is called a 'scene tax'.

In the description you could say that it may fit other small block inline engines such as 1098cc but buyer to check suitability.


M Wood

Thanks Mike, yes I think that is probably the best way. It then covers me if it doesn’t fit the buyers car. The word Frogeye has to add at least 25% to the price I guess!!
John Payne

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