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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Earth points.


Am still fiddling with wiring the frog, have finished about 1/3 of it. Am wondering about the earth points in the rear though. On the original loom there is individual earth from each light and indicator that collects to one earth point in the floor inside the boot, Is there any particular reson why? Wouldn't just earthing each light just to one of the screws fastening it to the body suffice just as well?

Alexander Sorby Wigstrom


I think I'm correct in saying the OE light fixing nuts are a bit unusual, having a rubber washer, to prevent water leaks I guess. Not condusive to a good connection!

I'd stick to the factory earth points, they knew best.
SR Smith 1

Frankly... thats not a bad idea having one earth point. If a problem devoloped, it would be alot easier to trace down

But the draw back id think would be you would loose everything on that circuit if the earth goes bad

I hate to admit this, but I had a hard time several years ago with rear brake lights on one side working I cut the power and earth circuit and spliced to the other side... still working, and no fire yet, and only dimmed it slightly

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Even the later ones have that arrangmenent.

Here's a pic of the lights from my 73 midget. The nuts have serations that cut through the paint inside the rear wing. That gives them a good contact to the light and the rear wing. Then you use a final nut to clamp the earth lead from the loom to the light. So you get a double earth connection.

It's the same on my 66 Sprite. I've never had any trouble with these, if the serated nuts are in good shape, and fitted properly they don't come loose.

Lawrence Slater

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