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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Electrical Gremlin?

Hi All,
midget Mk III 1972
Thanks fo all previous help re Oil Filters - all noted !
Ok - next little beauty.
Indicators working fine then went out for a short trip in the rain ( well ,more like a monsoon really )
On return, when right turn selected, offside Indicators lights ( front , back & dash ) stay on but dont flash. When left turn selected - all indicator lamps flash as they should.
I have checked all wiring, swopped the flasher unit & checked all my earths- I ASSUME if all the lamps come on, they must be finding earth?
I've cleaned out any crud in the column switch gear - bit of dust only- and checked & re inserted every lamp- bit stuck now so does any body have any ideas?
( otherwise will have to use hand signals like a poor person!)
cheers all
colin frowen

You may have to try running a temporary supply to the indicators to determine whether the earthing issue is somewhere in your loom.

Andrew McGee

I had a similar problem and running a fixed earth to each rear lamp solved the issue. I drilled the rear of the lamp and used a self tapper to fix an eyelet crimp, the other end I attached to one of the bolts holding the boot fastener, in the centre of the boot. I also added an earth to one of the reversing lights while I was at it.

I Ball

It could be a poor earth on either the front or rear lamp, as they both earth through the bodywork.

It could also be a high resistance connection in the feed TO the indicators.

Ian, the reverse lamps should already have their own earth returns.
Dave O'Neill2

As said by the others, smacks to me very much of the good old fashioned earths problem.
Patience and perseverance will solve it.
JB Anderson

as with others, earth(s)

whilst you're at it remove the bulbs from the holders and clean any crud off bulbs, holder sockets and holder plate and fixings

if you also clean the inside of the clear overall lens and inside and out of the amber lens it can be surprising how much extra light get outs - dont clean any bright shiny bulb reflectors (especially if they're plastic) with polish as I learnt one wipe and the 'silver' is polished away

a little Copperease on any fixings will help with removal next time too
Nigel Atkins

Thanks All
I had sort of figured it had to be an earth, but its a/, great so many people helped - thanks all
b/. confirmed earth probs.
I will get a roll of black cable & start on it on thursday !
Cheers & thanKs all
colin frowen

you don't need to buy cable yet, use any reasonable cable/flex/wire to just to do a temp test check

also many times just properly cleaning up, securing and protecting wires and connections and fittings can fully resolve the problems - most servicing on these cars is just basically cleaning and lubricating items
Nigel Atkins

When I built my Midget (and my MGB) I fitted earth wires to all four light fittings front and back. Earthing directly through the fitting to the shell is fraught with problems.
Mike Howlett

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