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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Electronic ign / rev counter probs

Hi all,

I have fitted a magnetic thingy in the dizzy in the family's elan.
(from ebay seller simonbbc) whilst the engine runs the rev counter is everywhere!

has anyone had similar problems?
d cusworth

What sort of rev counter is it? Single pulse wire or loop in and out? If the latter, it might be worth taking the +ve feed to the ignition gizmo from a point upstream of the tacho - i.e. white terminal in the fusebox - rather than the +ve terminal on the coil.

I'm assuming that it is -ve earth?
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Dave

i'm not sure what it is. it was fitted by the previous owner following the theft of the engine and the complete dashboard 25 years ago! it was made from a piece of plywood and instruments from a Hillman hunter!

Its neg earth.
d cusworth

can you gently remove the tacho with wires still attached, take a pic of the back and post it here? Then somebody might be able to determine the type...
David Smith

Theoretically, it should state the type on the face of the dial...RVC or RVI.
Dave O'Neill 2

Hi all. Just checked It's a RVI

d cusworth

RVI is the earlier version with the loop in and out.

As I said earlier, move the supply for the ignition unit to the fusebox white terminal. Just use an extension wire as a temporary test.
Dave O'Neill 2

will do!

we're getting it ready for a trip to lemans next week, just put the engine back in following, a new timing chain and conversion to electric water pump and electric fan so lots of small jobs breaking out everywhere !
d cusworth

Be worth checking your alternator - especially if you've been doing loads of jobs.


Got similar prob. with my midget ( the one you saw at halfords before I lost you in the store) since adding transistor switching to it. I'll try some of the tricks and see if it helps mine.

Found this in the archive

Did you get email I sent?
Any news of Paul?

David davidDOThuntATvet4petsDOTcoDOTuk
David Hunt

Thanks David - have sent you a quick mail..
d cusworth

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