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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Engine cleaners

The midget's engine is getting a bit grubby and needs a thorough clean (and partially repainting). Donkeys' years ago Gunk was the choice. Is it still or have things moved on?
Jeremy Tickle

Gunk is still no1 choice for me.
Peter Ottewell

I use Astonish engine degreaser, hand pumped and water washable and bio-degradable

I bought a dozen bottles at 99p world a few years ago and have almost run out now, need more

I don't see it at 99p world any more but I can get it online 12 for six bottles, 2x the old price but absolutely my favourite

No 'High Stench' aftermath and can remove Midget 'stains' from my drive too with a couple of pumps of the trigger
Bill sdgpM

I like Jizer, it moves the grunge better than gunk in my experience.
Bob Beaumont

I'm with Bill on the "Astonish" trigger spray.
Good stuff; works well.

Thanks for the replies. Haven't used Astonish degreaser but have used its tyre black which is fab so may give it a whirl.
Autoglym seems to get a good rating on Amazon but isn't cheap.
Jeremy Tickle

Dawn dish soap in a pump up garden spayer followed by a power washer

another trick is non toxic easy off oven cleaner because it wont harm plastic or reg easy off oven cleaner over night if you can protect plastic

i also love spray can brake cleaner... that does a nice job on lite to medium grease

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Cheers Prop, had wondered about oven cleaner (and alloy wheel cleaner) but was a bit concerned about rubber/plastic bits. Just bought my first ever brake cleaner so may use your suggestion and tried it on an 'inconspicuous area' first :)
Jeremy Tickle

tried it on an 'inconspicuous area' first :)

absolutly !!! ... some brand of spray can brake cleaners effect paint differantly then others

i usually buy the cheap store brand X with the boring lable packaging for a dollar or 2 a can

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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