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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Engine numbers

Can anyone help recognise the engine number on my recently bought midget, a 1965 Mk2. The number in theory should start with 10CG I think...
Mine is 80150RM38577 on a plate rivetted onto the block near plug #1 ???
I am hoping that it is still a 1098cc engine.

J M Selman

Your pic shows a gold rocker cover, is the whole engine gold? If so it is probably a gold seal engine with a reconditioning number.

Quote from a pdf I found on line regarding BMC etc engine numbers:
" BMC like many firms did an exchange scheme for worn engines, one was the Gold
Seal engine, a complete engine ready to fit and painted gold in colour. The other was
the Silver Seal exchange engine, basically a short-block for the owner/garage to fit the
old head,sump, and ancillories onto.
Both used a similar system of engine numbering, the original number being struck off.
Initially all engines in the scheme were prefixed 8G, soon a better system followed:-
'A' series engines were prefixed 8G,- 803cc, 848cc, 948cc, 1098cc, 1275cc.
'B' series were prefixed 84G,- 1200cc, 1489cc, 1588cc, 1622cc, 1798cc.
'C' series were prefixed 86G,- 2693cc, 2912cc.
The code after was to do with rebore/regrind sizes and a job number. " End Quote
Not exactly crystal clear, but I'm sure someone will be along who can give you more info, best of luck,
Graham P 1330 Frogeye

yep it sounds like a gold seal rebuild and the prefix will be 8G150 not 80150. There's a bit in Horler about this subject.......
David Smith

Many thanks Graham and David, had a look at the number again - you are right the number IS 8G and not 80!
But the rockerbox and engine colour is definately green not gold.

Best wishes

J M Selman

I think the world authority on BMC engines and numbering system is Neil Cairns.

Neil very kindly lets everyone know the information and here is a link to some of his work

Gold seal and A series engines are listed.
Bob Turbo Midget England

Being a '65 your should have the later 10CC engine I think. Mine should have a 10CG engine but now has a gold seal replacement fitted numbered 8G124 with a few numbers after it. I rang the MGOC technical support line and they have a copy of all the gold seal codes that were issued and what engines they correspond to. By a pure fluke my gold seal engine (that I picked up as a spare)was listed as an early 10CG engine. They might be able to give you a definitive answer. The technical support no' is listed on their website.

My engine was also painted gold but I redid it in green which is what may have happened to yours somewhere in the past. Gold was a bit too bling for my colour scheme.

Hope that helps,

Ali- Midget Mk1 1098

Under the oil primer plug, at the rear of the engine and about 2 inches above the sump line on the left side of the block, does it have the number 12G432 cast into it? 10CC engines (later, better engine? has this number cast in and it is the only way I've found to positively identify the 1098 engine type.

Hope this helps.
rob multi-sheds thomas

does such a list exit for the midget 1500 engine as well?
ms Smith

Good question...I'm curious too!

I'll try looking around the net & see if I can come up with something.
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Engine codes for the Triumph 1500 motors run as follows:

WB - Triumph 1500 FWD

YC - Triumph 1500 RWD, Triumph 1500 TC, Triumph Dolomite 1500

FM - Triumph Spitfire 1500

FP - MG Midget 1500

These engine blocks (the cranks differ in stroke) are the same as:

DG - Triumph Toledo 1300

DH - Triumph Dolomite 1300

FH - Triumph Spitfire MkIV
Deborah Evans

Well, I'll search no more!

Thanks Deb
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

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