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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Engine & Chassis Number

I have just acquired a midget ('67 Reg) for renovation and given I am new to this, I would welcome someone confirming the relationship between the engine number and the chassis number. The chassis number is: GAN3/51577 (which I believe relates to being made in 1966) and the engine number is 12V/586F/H3242. Is the engibe likely to be the original? What cc would it be. Sorry if these points seem obvious but any help would be welcome.

R Clayton

All engine numbers starting with 12 are 1275cc
1966 was a change over year from 1098 to 1275
Does your car have a detachable top or is it fixed at the back?
Onno Könemann

Thanks for your response, very helpful. My car has a detachable top.
R Clayton

Then it should have a 1098
Though the 1275 is a very nice engine and it gives no trouble with gearbox or axle as they are identical.
I would keep the 1275 and enjoy the little bit of extra power.
Onno Könemann

your chassis number is around 800 from the end of Mk 2 (1098cc) Midget production, Summer 1966. Your 1275 engine dates from mid-1972.
David Smith

just to say the MKII midget (as you have) is the best combo of clean looks and practicality.
But then I might be slightly influenced ;)

Mine has a 1380 (big over bore powerfull engine) and countless mods to the suspention.
I have a new (more powerfull)engine build on the way.
Once you start modifying you keep on going ;)

Onno Könemann


Is that a british reg a GFJ - if so from Exeter in Devon.

The Mayors car was always CFJ 1 (known as the Cities Fathers Jalopy) used to be a Rolls Royce.


richard boobier

Sorry Richard
old pic
Here it is with it's Dutch registration

Onno Könemann

Hi, welcome,

My advice to new owners -

buy a owners Handbook as it tells you so much you need to know as to own, drive, service and maintain your car -

Do a full and proper 36,000 miles service only miss out items that you have 100% proof have already been done very recently, including;
g/box and back axle oils
brake and clutch fluids
dissy cap, rotor arm and leads (buy good quality ones)
fan belt

Check the age of your tyres if they are 6 years old or more replace ASAP regardless of tread depth, this will improve, the braking, steering, ride, handling and possible noise, of the car greatly

Use the car regularly - to get used to it, sort out any wrinkles and prevent overs and enjoy it

Every few weeks check your horn and wipers work (no problem if you use the car regularly)

Follow regular checks, servicing and maintenance as per owners Handbook

Drive in all weathers, the Midget hood should be very watertight if fitted correctly and the heater is more than adequate, if working correctly, for the small cabin

Do not do any cosmetic or improvement work for at least 12 months of regular use, unless you need to replace parts or components, as you may need to use the money elsewhere on the car

Also very useful you can get suppliers catalogues for free to get you started to see where things go but in my personal opinion they’re not as good paper copy like -

Cheers, enjoy your car
Nigel Atkins

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