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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - exhaust header options

I recently purchased a Maniflow header and exhaust for my midget, but before I put it in I started thinking.

This header is a one piece affair, with the first joint occurring beneath the floor, so it is an engine-out job to remove / replace. My engine is out right now, so that's not necessarily a problem.

But, I have heard of "two piece" headers, which, presumably would be able to do without pulling the engine. I've got no plans to change the header again after installation, but the idea of having to pull the motor if I ever had to is on my mind.

Do any of you have strong opinions about this from experience?


Norm Kerr

I have a one-piece Maniflow on my 1275, with the first joint below the floor. I can remove & replace it without disturbing the engine. Although it is a tight fit, it will just come out.

My car does not have the horizontal splash plate fitted to some cars that partially closes off the rectangular space where the pipe passes through next to the chassis rail. But I think that would make it impossible to remove with the engine in situ.

Guy Weller

Assuming your car is LHD then you might need to pull the steering column to fit it. I've never heard of anyone having to remove the engine to fit the manifold.

You could have the 2 downpipes modified for a sleeved fit if you really wanted to. However, the best thing would be to have the manifold ceramic coated and then you'd never want to remove it.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Must admit that I can't actually get the manifold out without twisting it through 90 and then rolling it out. So yes my engine does have to come out to do it.

This is the same on the new car which has a 3 into 1 collector under the floor as opposed the normal LCB set-up.

Both cars had/have the aperture opened out to allow the 2 or 3 pipes through to the underside.

Andrew McGee


My header ends under the floorboard like yours. However, my complaint has always been the opposite of yours. That is, I can't remove the engine without unbolting the manifolds. While you have it out, I would suggest modifying it to have a joint that breaks in the engine bay.

C R Huff

This thread was discussed on 04/01/2010

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