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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - F____NG HELL, Mertyl dies again.

Well, she didn't last very long. On the way back from the local petrol stn, Mertyl decided to throw a hissy fit and break a valve spring making the valve look like a banana and throwing the spring collar down into the pushrod cups. I stopped as soon as pos so, with luck, no damage will have occured to the piston itself. If anyone has a good head they want to sell, localish to essex, PLEASE HELP, yes i am getting very upset. And, before you say it Rachel, yes i know it's because i was considering selling her. :(
D J P Hewett

Hi, I would have thought your head was OK just needing a new valve guide, valve ...

I do have a 1275 head that came with my new midget a bit rusty though as teh previous owner left it outside for two years :-(
Ben Brown

Hi Ben. 1275 wouln't really do it as Mertyl is a 1500, thanks for the thought though. I think iv'e found a recon head now, so with a bit of luck she could be back on the road by wed. HA HA HA HA, excuse me while i sew my sides up. :) Gotta have a sence of humuor being a midget owner.
D J P Hewett

LOL - didn't you get my e-mail????????

Now now Rachel, no need for sarca, sarch, ah you know what i mean, lol.
D J P Hewett

Wasn't sarcasm - I gave you the honest advice of TWO Midget people - you were in so much luck that evening ;)! Just think - you could have acted on it yesterday - and wouldn't be here now - she says with a seriously unsmug expression on her face - so she doesn't get a thump!

Was only jesting Rach, i'd never think you were really saying "told ya". :)
D J P Hewett

This thread was discussed between 08/08/2010 and 09/08/2010

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