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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Fan Belt

Hi All

Well my latest escapade is as follows:

My fan belt has started to snap.

I ordered a replacement part and I am disappointed with the quality, there is a rather large lump in the belt and the cord is almost hanging out the side.

I am going to speak to the seller tomorrow, can any of you tell me if Halfords would stock the right belt for my car as I would really like to have it usable on Sunday.

For reference my car is a 1975 midget.

On a different note I am going to have to sell my Midget as my parents want their garage back, so if any of you know of someone who would want a running, MOT'ed and taxed project please let me know!


R Williams


Halfords should have a belt for your car but you could also try your local car parts shop its suprising just what you can get from the normal places.

I Pickering

Europarts and around here Parkers, online or better still tell them the reg / make and model or the info off the belt or measure the width and length in mm and say its for a 70s motor. If you don't damage it and its wrong then a factor will swap it for another to try plus any price difference.
Halfords are getting out of non main stream car parts by the way.
Dave Squire - Notts

Halfords do do a belt, in fact I was looking at getting a non standard one so that the alternator is a little further out and down - this makes removing no 1 spark plug a lot easier. I'll dig out which one you need if you are interested.

Josh L knows what reference number it is... Josh?
C L Carter

As Christian says, the stock fanbelt for the 1500 is a bit tight, making it a pain to install and resulting in the alternator being rather close to the block (and No1 plug).
Additionally Halfords don't have it!
They do however, have one that is 1" or so longer which is perfect on all counts, I don't recall the model off-hand but will pop the car and have a look in the morning.

-- Josh
Josh L

Ive always taken my belts with me to the auto parts store ...even if its broke... Its so much easier then guessing....i do the same with radiator hoses also.

For some reason im always letting the belt slip off the back side of the pulley next to the block....just agervating to see this when you start the car
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

My local motorparts centre do lots of them in all sizes, just take the belt along and they's line it up and there is always a selection that fit.
Robin Cohen

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