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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Finally! After 18 years...

...I started up my little car, put her in reverse, said a prayer, and backed her out of the garage! Let her idle, then drove her back in!!!!

Baby steps but some MONUMENTAL ones!

Couldn't have done it without this board, so a million thanks everyone.


Chris Elkerton

Well done, Chris.

Great feeling, ain't it?
Dave O'Neill2

Well done Chris. Nice colour, is it metallic paint?!

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Good job done Chris, like you I have great praise for the help from this BBS.
Keep going and good luck with future progress.
Dave Squire - Notts

Congratulations. I look forward to hearing you tell us about the road trips you've taken.
frogeye Gary

I say old chap,

needs a slight dusting I fear.

But seriously, it's a wonderful feeling after so long isn't it?

(I thought at the time that mine took longest at ten or twelve years or so... Soon learned that decades out mean nothing in this game)

Lovely car Chris, do have great times with her.


And oh yes, I like your wheels. They are smashing.

that's what my paint was supposed to look like lol. Lovely stuff :)
Rob Armstrong

Thanks a zillion! You have no idea the sense of accomplishment (even though I still have a ways to go with getting her "safetied" / tuned perfectly next week / last of the Prince of Darkness woes resolved)

When this started I was a newlywed. No kids. And she was a rust bucket in dire straits.

Now...after more money spent than I care to think about; 6 "homes" until I got my own ( Canada) garage; a rebuilt transmission. (my prayer this morning was that I did it right!); moving the WHOLE car from one rusted out shell to a rust-free donor from Nevada/Michigan; a paint job done in my brother's barn and countless hours of blood, sweat, tears, profanity; and two teenagers she be!

Paint is Mini Metallic Blue. Shell stripped to bare. 3 coats of primer. 3 Coats base. 3 coats clear. Lots or orange peel and several clear coat runs to deal with one day. Body work is ok, but needs work. (bondo / body work is an art form I don't think I have the patience for).

More to come I'm sure as I sort out the kinks.


Chris Elkerton

Chris, you have a month to prepare for the British Car Day At Bronte Creek. That's Sept. 16th. Show off your hard work.
See you there!?
T Burston

Chris, you have a month to prepare for the British Car Day At Bronte Creek. That's Sept. 16th.
See you there!?
T Burston

Well done Chris. Looks very nice in blue!


Larry C.
Larry C '69 Midget

Great job

Now there is hope for me...18 years isnt all that long...hahaha

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Yes, come on Chris. British car day isn't that far off and I am sure you can do it. If you aren't sure about running to the site alone, I think the MG Car Club of Toronto are leaving the Timmes at QEW/Mississauga Road at 9:00AM. (Check their web site out)You can convoy along with them.

TB from Windsor, I should be there. 1976 flamenco midget/black interior, picnic basket on the boot. Licence plate ends with DAD. Stop by, say hello!!
Clive Reddin

Will try and get her ready to drive to the event. Just as a spectator though. Close inspections of my bodywork / paint will not end well! :)

Chris Elkerton

Chris, all manner of quality cars will be there. Daily drivers, under restoration, fully restored. It's participant judging so don't be put off by some stuffy guys who look down their noses at you because your car isn't pristine.

Come on out, have fun and meet other Midget owners. Have a cool drink and swap some stories and have a ton of fun.

Lots of vendors there too!!
Clive Reddin

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