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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - foggy bezel, guage removal?

Is it possible to remove the bezels on the temp and the fuel gauge with out removing the gauges? They are foggy. I've done the speedo and tachometer and they were relatively easy. These are not. How do you remove the gauges? and if I do can get the bezels off?

Tom Nelson

Similar principles apply; the smaller gauges are held in place by a large u-shaped bracket, with the arm ends against the dash, and a threaded rod from gauge fits through a hole at the other end of the bracket, tensioned by a knurled nut. Slightly more fiddly than the larger gauges.


Anthony Cutler

Right, you should be able to reach behind, loosen the knurled nut that secures the gauge clamp, and then turn the bezel to release it and the glass. You shouldn't need to remove the gauge entirely, but note that the smaller gauges are most easily accessed by taking out the tach or speedo, as needed, and reaching in through their holes. Getting at the little gauges from underneath is a challenge, to put it kindly.

Gryf Ketcherside

Thanks, I'll wait for cooler weather before I attempt this and a bigger time window.
Tom Nelson

Yep, I did my larger guages with no the little ones loose & pulled them out a bit, but couldn't twist the bezels off.

I'm hoping a DPO didn't glue them on!

I'm waiting for cooler weather too...may have to pull them all the way out to do the job.
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Yes, the bezel seals can get pretty nasty with age, and might not twist off all that easily.

And while I'm thinking about it, you might want to buy new gaskets to fit behind the bezels. I suspect that a better seal might prevent future fogging.

Gryf Ketcherside

I've had a go at this in the past. There are little lugs on the bezels which can be lifted slightly to allow the bezel to be twisted. Once off the glass can be cleaned etc. HOWEVER, I have never been able to replace the bezel tightly ensuring both a good seal and to prevent the glass vibrating once back in situ. Apparently when made, the glasses were sealed with a hot rubber or something similar which once set fixed the glass in situ. Also the lugs on the bezels go soft preventing them from gripping tightly. Any solutions to this apart from getting them done professionally?
Neil (K series)

I just saw on ebay they have a new bazel kit for all the sizes...Under Mg midget...usa side

it comes with a new bazel ring, glass and seal

cant remember how much...but you have to scroll thur as there are varius sizes

Just an FYI


Can I get new gauges? VB or Moss? I don't have a magazine sitting around for some peculiar reason.
Tom Nelson

A little spot of liquid nail holds the bezels well.

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