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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Foot well end / sill / inner wing junction

I cant find a suitable picture on the internet showing how the inner wing meets the top of the sill.

Before I started the repair this area on my car looked like this (photo attached)

There is a hole that I imagine should be filled?


And after the repair (photo) I have a gap to fill, top left corner.

How would this looked originally ?


easier to use the correct repair sections - or at least copy from a pic. The sill has closing panels forrard and aft, parts 47 & 48
David Smith

Some more searching has found this thread, which probably answers my question:

So there is a small gap. Inevitably spray off the front wheel is going to get through this gap and also inbetween the outer and inner wing and onto the top of the sill. :(

That was my post. I ended up welding the gap closed.

I'm sure there are more photos on my blog:

Let me know if you need any more help.

James Paul

I weld mine up, and then when l fit the shaped sill closure piece l effectively turn it inside outout. Instead of forming a recess to collect road grit, it then forms a small closed and sealed box section that sheds the water off.

Thanks for the replies, itís much appreciated :)
I like the idea of filling in the end of the sill.

Couple of photos of the method for filling the end of the sill
The easy way is to swap the filler pieces over so that you use a left side filler on the right hand side of the car. Then you just need to fold the flange piece that goes against the footwell wall through 180 degrees, which is easily achieved with a hammer and a 4" vice.

Here's a front one:


And a rear one.

Photos are actually courtesy of Lawrence. Mine are the same except before fitting I drilled a 5/16" hole near the top of the inner face so that after welding in place I could inject it with lots of waxoyl stuff and then fit a blanking grommet to seal it.

I also see in that photo of the front sill filler that Lawrence sent me, that there is a big gap at the top where the inner arch comes down to meet the sill top, as with yours. On mine I filled the gap with an extra bit of steel and then sealed all around the gaps and edges with seam sealer. Maybe Lawrence did the same!


Thanks Guy, looks like a good way of closing it off.
Iíll get a pair of end pieces and give it a go.

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