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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Frogeye Engine Bay

This is probably a frightful old chestnut, but have you noticed that the inner wings had to be cut to allow the pedal box to fit?

Not a very clear picture, but the lapping rear flange of the wing has been butchered to allow the front seating flange of the pedal box to sit properly. It's exactly the same on the nearside, where the LHD blanking plate is.

If the cutting was done after assembly, I wonder how they did it. There are what look like beads of molten steel here and there along the cut.

Nick and Cherry Scoop

So, mine is unique?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Seems it is!
This is the best I can do with a photo, showing my near side one. The fixing inner wheel arch flange that fits onto the footwell top isn't notched for the pedal box, it buts close up to it. Only thing is that as you can see, its not original, although I think the flange is the same as original.


Nick, I've just test fitted my original blanking plate to the shell and it's close to the wing flange but doesn't quite touch it. The flanges aren't cut away like yours.

W Bretherton

Your picture's very interesting, Guy. From hole centre to front of pedal box flange I measure 13/32", and so I reckon your pedal box flange will sit on the arch flange by some way.

And, why not? There's a nice thick gasket under it which can be trimmed back, and the overlap in my case would only be 1/16", so I wonder why they cut the flange.

Bill's case is clearly different, with no overlap. We need a bigger sample.

Nick and Cherry Scoop

Well this is interesting!
First, bear in mind that I have replaced the complete N/side inner wing as a unit (the one in my earlier photo). AND I have also replaced the flat steel piece that forms the top of the O/Side inner wheel arch. So none of this is original.

On the O/side one that I replaced I have cut the notch as in your photo, Nick. So it allows the pedal box to sit flat against the top of the footwell top. I do have a very out of focus photo of that area before I replaced the wing top that suggests it was notched on the original car, - which is why I have notched my replacement DIY section, 'though I don't remember doing so now.

Its only the nearside one on mine that isn't notched, but I had bought that as a manufactured replacement unit, not copied from my original. That may be an error then that I need to correct with an angle grinder, but why then is it the same as Bill's replica body tub?

Maybe near side and offside ones are different? Or maybe none were notched on the original shells and the step was only hacked back during assembly if it was found necessary when fitting the pedal box?


Mine has exactly the same as Nick's - on both sides the cut has blobs of once molten steel at the corner but the rest of the cut looks as if it is pressed out normally.

I know the inner wing panels are original on my car - perhaps replacements are missing the cut out?
Chris at Octarine Services

Cost then. The steel panels that form the top of the inner wheel arch are, as far as I can see, one of the few panels that are composed totally of straight cut edges and simple straight folds that could be done on a standard guillotine, IF that small notch is ignored. Most other panels are more complex in shape and would need stamping out with a press. So the wing was assembled and spot welded to the footwell and then the offending edge trimmed back as necessary by hand with a gas torch as the quickest solution.

Somewhere is a link to an archive of photos of the heritage shells being assembled. That might be worth browsing.

This one ?

These are the later shells but one of the pics shows what looks like the same cut ou despite the pedal box hole being way up the panel.

So I reckon it was all original and the cut out was made before assembly.

Chris at Octarine Services

Yes Chris, that was the site I was thinking off.
Scrolling through the photos and zooming in, some appear to have a straight un-notched flange, whilst on others you can see a step.

This n/s one looks straight to me!

There is a section along that join where there are two flanges one overlaying the other and both then spotwelded to the footwell top. Its the top flange from the triangular reinforcing webs beneath the wheel arch and is also in line with the pedal box so if the flange did extend under the pedal box edge it could just make the step too great for the gasket to accommodate.


Phew those take me back a bit

This is the only place those pictures I took then still exist to my knowledge, computer crashes have removed most of my pictures from back then
Bill sdgpM

This sort of thing was bound to happen, when components were being bid and bought all over the Midlands, and Austin Healey were desperate to keep the price below 700 quid.

I bet there were a few fits on the space shuttle that had to be 'eased'.

Any happy news from Mr and Mrs Angle Grinder yet, Guy?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Sadly Mr Angle Grinder had a bit of a breakdown - he did get treatment for a while by Dr Emel, but in the end just couldn't go on any more. Angela left him and took up with a Mr Ita, a younger individual, a bit of a body builder by all accounts, going by the name of Mac, 'though I think he spells it Mak. They seem to be very happy together, though sometimes the sparks do fly a bit.

Who needs Beatrix Potter?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Mine hasn't taken on a partner. I wish it would as I'm fed up of constantly changing its accessories. Maybe I'll introduce it to B&Q or Screwfix (.....) but I'd want it to have a cheap date!

W Bretherton

I've just got official blessing to go out and recruit one of those all-rounders: the ones that waggle their various heads for lots of different tasks. Maybe good for chiselling underseal off without heat.

I'm anticipating jealousy among the present incumbents - particularly if the new chap commandeers the resident battery charger, sole property (so far) of Mr Ita's cousin.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

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