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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Frogeye Handbrake

Hi just in process of fitting handbrake in frogeye rebuild , donor shell came without one so just bought used one but have 2 questions about it

Handbrake i have in garage from chrome bumper midget is straight when you look down on top of it but frogeye one i have is bent towards passenger door ie it moves out from gearbox tunnel about 1 inch across its length , is this correct or is it damaged ?

Also just bought new handbrake cable I can remember how it attaches at axle end and am okay with clevis pin at handbrake end but just before handbrake end there is another nut on the cable that i cant rememember where it fits , any ideas ?

Andy Chaffey

Hi Andy
Just had a look at my handbrake which I assume is the original. It certainly bends away towards the passenger side. I think it is because there would probably not be enough room to get your hand round the handle because of the gearbox. Yours probably doesnt have carpet on it yet!
Graham M V

You are correct the Frogeye lever is different to the later Spridgets and kinks towards the passenger side. The nut on the cable is attached to a bracket on the transmission tunnel.
Bob Beaumont

This thread was discussed on 28/02/2012

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