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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Frogeye Wire Wheels

Has anyone any experience fitting wire wheels on a Frogeye? Mine has midget front discs and understand new hubs and discs will need to be fitted. Assuming there is a choice of wire rim widths, what width rim would take say 165X13 tyres and subsequently would there be problems with tyres rubbing on wheel arches etc.? Any suggestions to whom would be the best supplier?

John Stephens

Hi John, I replyed to your post on the Moss forum as well. Didn't want to say it there, but Victoria British has the bolt on adaptor kit if you chose to go that way. Normally wires are 13X4" wide although you could probably special order some in at least 4.5" as that was the width of the wires on the Triumph GT6 so the rims are available. For a 165 13 the 4" wide wheel would be fine.
Bill Young

i would never go for the bolt on adapter kit
these put even more load on the wheelbearings by moving you wheel out

165 on a 4"rim is pushing it a bit in my eyes
155 seems beter on that width
4,5"and 5,5" rims should also be available if you want wider tyre's
Onno Könemann

Aside from doing the job properly you'd be better off with bolt on wire wheels rather than using a conversion kit.

4.5" wide from Dayton and 5.5" wide from MWS.

Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

This thread was discussed on 27/10/2009

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