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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Front Chassis Leg Hole


On my 1965 midget I have a hole on the underside of the front chassis leg. The replacements I know are for a later model, but I though it was close enough at the time. Now I am ready to repair this I was wondering if anyone knows what this hole is for. There is a thread so I assume something would bolt to it.

Photo will help explain.

Many thanks


James Paul

I've seen that hole in Midgets before but haven't seen anything screwed into it from memory, Maybe it was for a shipping tie down bracket for export cars----?
If you do find you need it you could easily fit a nutsert/rivnut in there afterwards

William Revit

James, I can confirm that I also have those holes on my MKII Midget, and like you I don't know what they're for.

Willy may very well be right, they could also possibly be for jig alignment/re-alignmet?
PN Sellen

Thank you both for your help with this.

I think the holes are for letting in water and rotting out the front support and they seem to be very effective at going their job! ;-)

James Paul

A de Best

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