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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Front chassis leg repair


The LH leg is rusty to the point where the structural strength is probably compromised. The fitting for the anti-roll bar is solid (Ive taken the anti roll bar off to check) and the bumper bracket captive nuts are just about OK.

As far as I can see the front few inches of the leg support the radiator legs and bumper and the (optional) anti roll bar only, so the car shouldn't fall apart even though it looks horrendous.

I've checked the geometry against the other leg and it seems OK. Its straight fore and aft and the 1"front lift is more or less there and I cant see any evidence of a prang.

I have two options I think:
1. Weld in a new leg
2. cut out the rusty sections and weld in new metal of the same gauge until I do the full restoration in a few years time.

Two questions to help me decide:
1. Is the radiator tray attached to the chassis leg or just sit on top?
2. Where does the repair section end. Is it forward of the wishbone?

Any additional comments gratefully received.


B M Le Page

Yes the radiator shroud does bolt through in to it in 4 captive nuts but its hardly structurally important . If your willing to get welding on it get a repair section for the front end in front of the cross member forward for a decent job . Make sure you keep the correct upward angle to ensure your rollbar keeps the correct geometry .
Mike Fairclough

Hi Brendon,

Done this quite recently.

This post on my blog might help you

The front valance that houses the radiator sits on top of the chassis legs and is bolted down by four bolts.

The radiator is then bolted to the vertical supports and the front valance.

The replacement panel comes up to the box section, but I welded it before that to make the welding easier. Pictures in the blog should explain.

If you can make some sort of metal template that attaches to the vertical uprights it will help when it comes to aligning everything up.

They look bad. I was in the same boat as you, but really glad I replaced them.

Good luck

James Paul

Hi Mike and James thanks for the responses.

I think I have enough information to make sensible decisions. It will definitely need new chassis legs and it makes no sense not to do both sides.

Reading your blog though I'm tempted to shore it up temporarily. It shows me there are so many considerations and I want do do it properly as you have done.

In a year or so I intend to strip it down to the shell and put it on the rotisserie to do a complete shell restoration.

Considering all of the implications of getting the geometry right I think waiting until I have complete access to the whole front section with valence and wings and front suspension removed is the only way I'm going to get it right.

If I try to weld in a new repair section with the car as it is its bound to go wrong!

(And your blog is going to be a fantastic resource!)


B M Le Page

James here are a few photos of my first go at a restoration. I didnt have the commitment to do a quality blog like yours!Atxys4LLN_Q8nL52Ni8-bfcfddL4AQ
B M Le Page


Here is a link to a few photos of my first self taught restoration in case you are interested. I didnt have the commitment to do a quality blog like yours.!Atxys4LLN_Q8nL52Ni8-bfcfddL4AQ
B M Le Page

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