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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Front Shock absorber bolts 1275.

Does any one know the dimensions of the Front Shock absorber bolts on a 1275?

The 1500 is listed as a different part number, so I assume they are different in some way, that I can't imagine.

I have mislaid mine since swapping to the FL front conversion, but want/need to revert back as a temp measure whilst fixing the FL bushes.

They're 3/8" UNF, but I can't remember the length, but seem to think they are 4" shaft length.

Does anuone have one handy to measure?

Does anyone have spares they could part with?

The new price of 12 quid for 6 bolts is ridiculous.

Lawrence Slater

3/8 UNF x 4 inch. Price was indeed ridiculous so I bought 6 (3 packs of 2) from here...

for 8.30 including postage.


P.S. Mine is 1500, but as you say, I wasn't aware there was a difference...
Malcolm Le Chevalier

The only part number I can find on Moss website is 53K1364. I don't know why there would be any difference for a 1500.

I can't give you any dimensions until I get home.
Dave O'Neill2

I know you've got the answer now but here's another possible path for the future -

BH606321 - BOLT, HEX HEAD, UNF, 3/8" X 4"

I'm sure L will find cheaper, B&G 84p each (inc VAT but not P&P) no idea of quality -

Nigel Atkins

1500s could be longer because of some steel bracket for overflow bottle or some emissions thing. I don't have a 1500 here at the moment.

Peter C
Peter Caldwell

Damper bolt CHA398, BOLT SHOCKER midget 1500, B&G 1.92 each (inc VAT but not P&P)

from factory Parts Catalogue - CHA 398 Bolt-shock absorber to frame, Qty. 6, Change Point (C) G-AN6-154101 ON

53K 1364 Screw-shock absorber to frame, Qty. 6, Change Point Useprior to CHA 398
Nigel Atkins

I wonder if you were to but one of each, whether they would be identical?
Dave O'Neill2

I like the way one is a screw and the other a bolt and the 'shock' is called a 'shock'

I can't find the other fixing table that might list it but how about 29p ??? here -
Nigel Atkins

If its a temp fix, why not just go to hardware store and get.some grade 8 bolts in the deminsions you need....its not like your going to race 24 hour le mans on them

and and the Blackhole Midget


Prop, hardware stores in the UK only sell metric fasteners, these days and I doubt they sell many grade 8s
Dave O'Neill2


I have just fitted a set of Peter May top links which were supplied with longer bolts due to the nature of it.

I removed and kept the original 6 bolts so they are yours if you want them from a 1972 1275 , no cost to you happy to do someone a favour , threads are fine heads a little rusty but would clean up okay

Im in kent , maidstone so might even be able to drop of or post if you want , e mail me if you want them

andrew chaffey @ blueyonder . co . uk , just join it up

Andy Chaffey

Ahh... Sorry about that, i fear the day that the usa becomes a nanny state and we cant get decent gen. hardware

and and the Blackhole Midget

WOW, now that's a pretty decent response. Thanks people.

Andy, Fantastic thanks very much, will email you.

Nigel, good lists, very handy, I'll keep that. No I still can't fathom the difference between CHA398 and 53k1389 either, but as Peter says, maybe thicknes of mounting plate?

Prop, as Dave says, we used to have hardware shops here where you could get bolts and sheet metal and everything to keep you happy. I don't know of a single one now. Everthing is online these days sadly.

Thanks Malcolm that's a better price, but looks like Nigel at 29p was the winner. Very good price.

Now read this.
I rang a well know Spridget breaker. I asked if they had the bolts, and they told me they throw them away, as keeping bolts was too space consuming. --- Note that, they throw them away. He asked how many I needed, and I said I think I have 2, but may need all six. I emailed him so he could reply.

The reply is, they have a spridget to take the shocks off. The bolts are now 10 for 4 bolts, + 3 postage, for bolts that they throw away. Taking the P, methinks.

Thanks again Andy email on way to you.

Lawrence Slater

Now this is a local bolt shop - Assuming you are in Fort Cochin, India.
All Imperial as well - not a Metric bolt in sight !

Fantastic little shop - guy couldn't understand why anybody would want to take a pic of it.


richard boobier

"Ahh... Sorry about that, i fear the day that the usa becomes a nanny state and we cant get decent gen. hardware"

Dude, you been too long in the backwoods, it already happened! And I live in the friggin' backwoods too.

Every old hardware store within 50 miles of here has gone. You can only buy stuff in bubble packs, or rarely, those very expensive little cardboard drawers. The autoparts stores are as bad or worse. They are eliminating the scrapyards or restricting access so you can't go scrounge. Most of the little shops where you could get sheetmetal or leather or whatever are gone.

I had a couple of bad studs on the Mazda, 10mm x 45mm. "Autoparts" had nothing, didn't recognize them as metric, didn't even ask what car I had, can't read the f8ing catalogue. I found some 12x 75 in bubble packs - US cars have been metric for years and there are a lot of imports. Their US bolt supply is what is left from 35 years ago when it was a real Autoparts - some of those boxes are stuff they got because I asked for it in 1975 (including the 3/8-24x4" grade 8 bolts I ordered for Spridget shocks. Much of that stuff isn't even on inventory, so the dolts won't sell it to you because they can't find it in the computer! The wonderful "Dorman Drawers" have long since gone. "Hardware store" had 4 10x50, in the drawers, at about $3 each. I think there were 12 compartments in that "metric stud" box, 4 empty when
I got there, 5 when I left.

When I was a kid, we bought chemicals from the pharmacist at the real drugstore. Some drugstores still said "Apothecary-Chemist" in gold leaf on the front door. He'd ask enough questions to decide if we knew enough to not kill anyone, give us any needed advice, and sell us little bottles of whatever we asked for. We made explosives, multicoloured volcanos, racing fuel, and did all sorts of lab tricks. You could buy books of that stuff in lots of magazines, even schoolbooks, or Scientific American. - and you could buy all the requisite ingredients no problem. Try that now.

FR Millmore

You'll like the rest of the site that list is from too

I've also got a PDF of 'Genenal Hardware and Fixings' from the back of a catalogue that I got from the BBS I think

if you want I can email you a copy, gives the code to the numbers too
Nigel Atkins

Yep that'd be very usefel Nigel, thanks.

Where has the good old world of get what you need from the shops gone? Crazy.

Maybe if you don't grow up with it, you don't care.

But I wish the hardware shop I used to go to in Streatham was still there. That chap never failed to find me whatever I needed. He amazed me. And even if it wasn't on his shelf on the day I went there, it would be there the following day. Then he retired. Shop closed. Very sad.
Lawrence Slater

It's the way the world's going, but thankfully there are still some decent places here if you know where to look. I have an old fasteners specialist that is brilliant, another newer one that is pretty good, and a couple of places I can buy steel from. The generic Bunnings hardware has an ok selection of fasteners, but nothing specialised, and all expensive. No steel to speak of, and a pretty ordinary selection of tools... Most of their stuff (of all types) is over-priced off brand garbage. Sadly I still end up going there a reasonable amount, as the other places I mention are a 30 minute drive or more away, and aren't open as long hours.
Andrew F

Now that you mention it, perhaps im just reallu lucky

We dony have a typical mom and pop hardware store, but ive got bout 4 places i can locate most hardware locally

We have a store called fastenal store ...its basically just fasteners but gez they are expensive...but in a pinch if you need it, have the cash, then they got it.

The store i have the best luck with is ace hardware...they dont have anything exotic, but they have the basic staples of hardware

and and the Blackhole Midget

Another useful source of hardware information is page 238 of the Moss late sprite/midget catalogue. You can download a pdf version at <>

Peter B

I think I send Lawrence an earlier version but that one looks better, probably best to have both though to cross reference to eliminate typos and other errors
Nigel Atkins

Thanks Nigel, and I've downloaded the pdf from the the link peter posted too. Thanks.
Lawrence Slater

no problem, I've kept both, note what I put about cross referencing to cut down on errors in catalogues
Nigel Atkins

If you are willing to buy hardware in 10's then MBE fasteners in Bearsted carries a lot of imperial stuff at better rates than the large hardware stores.
BH Harvey

Thanks Bill I'll note their address for future reference.
Lawrence Slater

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