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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Fuel consumption

I would be interested to know what kind of fuel consumption people are getting.

I did a 250 mile trip yesterday, the first two hours were quite spirited, it was early in the morning, and later in the day another two and a half hours somewhat slower with more traffic. Brim to brim I got 37.9 mpg which was quite a surprise, I was expecting less. However maybe that's about right, I would be interested to know.
Roger D

Depends on what you call spirited, longer steady "motorway" miles or acceleration through the gears.

37.9 mpg, depending on how you measure it (odometer, petrol fill) and it's accuracy, sounds very good, well done to you and car. Some would only dream of such.

If that figure is accurate I'd give up thinking about it and try to get a lower average with spirited driving.

Last time I checked I could get 50mpg at 50 mph over 100 miles on a motorway, and my wife begged me never to try again, I know I could have got more, and have done, but what's the point, and I'm not a good driver but can almost be as tight-fisted as some "classic" car owners, but never that tight-fisted as I don't mind breathing out.

Am I a square plug in in a round (w)hole(?).

ETA: 250 mile trip would be a lot of combined mileage for some (many?).
Nigel Atkins

Lucky to get 30 here with the Shorrock.
I don't do many long runs though.
Simon Wood

The last Europe trip to Switzerland I averaged 35MPG.
Bob Beaumont

Nigel, my measurements were to the highest scientific standards. I filled the tank till I could see the fuel in the neck and repeated that when I refilled. The mileage was from GPS so fairly confident it was accurate. I didn't explore the absolute upper limit of the rev range, the tacho was having a day off, but I was,as the boys in blue say, making good progress.

As a matter of interest the journey was from where we live in St Cyprien to Agen for the purpose of declaring the car to the customs and paying the VAT due.
Importing a car from the UK is now more difficult than pre Brexit but for a Voiture de Collection (over 30 years old) it is cheaper than a modern. There is no import duty and only 5.5 % TVA compared with a modern car 10% import duty and 20% TVA. It now remains to get a certificate from the FFVE ( Federation Francaise de Vehicule D' epoque) and then registration is quite straightforward, well straightforward for France!

There are firms who will take care of the paperwork for you at a price but if you are persistent and cope with the bureaurocracy it's doable.
Roger D

I cannot really comment on the MPG, as while checking it at every fill on the daily car, I just don't measure it at all on the two weekend cars :) But, at the early beginning, I did measure twice on the midget, and it was pretty low (in l/100kms) or pretty high (in MPG) :P
Don't forget that they are really light cars, with really small combustion chambers: it kind of compensate all the technology needed in modern cars to consume less and emit less while moving 2 tons of metal...
Still, I would check if the engine is not running to lean ;)

Thanks for the feedback on the import side of things! The main thing for French bureaucracy, is to have time: things move much faster if you go in person (at least, pre-covid). As they open from 9am to 11am and 1pm to 3pm, you need to be "available" for them to go and show up :P
Looks like you do great, your french should be pretty good! If you need help with translation, please let me know!

People must be surprised to see your car in South East, no? Must be funny faces looking at it :) Original, British, cute....You will be a star there! We still didn't see any picture, did we? :)
(will you get black plate front and back, as the classic french cars? My '83 Alfa GTV was on black plate despite having recent registration: never had any issue with the "22" ;))

Sorry for thread drift, it is common here :D
CH Hamon

Thanks for the offer of help with the translation, after 20 years in France we're sort of OK with it but still shamefully not fluent.

For the declaration des Douanes I had to pay the TVA upfront and provide all the necessary documents but it was required to present the car to the customs official.I was expecting at the very least a check on engine number and chassis number mais non, he met us in the car park with the vital Certificat 846A and one minute later we were on our way!

Vive L'Entente Cordiale.
Roger D

35 mpg with a 1300cc most at 60 mph, but also 5 rounds on the new Zandvoort circuit (very fast)
Flip Brühl

true scientific method to fill and refill to the back of the petrol cap, I usually do this because the new tanks only hold 25 litres but not recommended in hot weather.

I'll accept GPS as long as it's not a free app on a phone, my mate downloaded two to his phone to check my speedo and the first was wrong as it read the same as my speedo which I knew was wrong, second app and signal keep dropping out. The phone was living up to its i-can't-phone name.

Considering good progress being made the figure sounds very good indeed, perhaps confirming the advantage of good blowout runs.

Cedric makes a good point (apart from his thread drift, lack of discipline, tut) you don't want to be running too lean and consider that (IIRC) ethanol has the car leaner running.

You'll just have to do more driving to be sure. 😁
Nigel Atkins

I would say 35 mpg is about right. However, pretty sure I achieved a wee bit more than that with the HIF 44 fitted. More due to me optimising the mix rather than the carb itself perhaps...

40-45 on highway cruising, depending on the terrain (rural highways and motorways resp).
1303cc with 11:1 CR, 286 cam, HIF44 and 5 speed.
Not dawdling, but not flat out either.
I have generally found that higher CR is very good for fuel economy.
Paul Walbran

Most journeys these days are very short, so I struggle to exceed 30mpg. And I drive it like I stole it. Long runs about 40mpg. 998, big valve head, 270 cam, HIF44, Maniflow LCB. Just had it on Janspeed rolling road so I'll be interested in whether the mpg improves.
Les Rose

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