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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Fuel Gauge


Found this message on the Classifieds section of this website:

hi all
am new to this site hope someone can help
i have a problema with my fuel gauge not working on my m g midget 1978
have replaced the tank unit but still doesnt work
have checked the gauge and there is a feed on the in side of the gauge but nothing on the other side i e lead to tank unit
have checked this lead and its ok between gauge and sender unit
my question is should there be a feed on the other side of gauge?
at the moment nothing
help please
Contact: a davies Contact by email
granada Spain

Advert placed 29/01/2015 at 13:15:58 (UK time) Category: Midget MKIV 74-79

I emailed the advertiser to suggest he joins the BBS and posts this question on this Midget and Sprite Technical forum, but in the meantime anyone got any answers to help him please?

M Wood

well done Mike on bringing this forward but unless an email is sent to a davies to direct here I don't think he'll see the replies - I don't mind emailing him if you don't want to
Nigel Atkins

First I would connect the green wire at the sender to earth. Key on and watch if the fuel gauge reads. It should read full.
Failing that I would check the small voltage regulator. It supplies power to the fuel gauge.
I would also check across the fuel gauge connections to check for continuity. This must be done with connection on one side of gauge unpluged.
I would also check the dark green line at the fuel gauge to the connector at the tank for continuity.

I don't really understand the original post so can't offer any reply other than a wiring diagram might also help

from the relevant Driver's Handbook or relevant copy of Haynes if you must

ETA: and what Sandy's now put of course
Nigel Atkins


Good point Nigel - I have emailed the questioner via the Classifieds response form and given him this thread link, as well as suggesting he joins the BBS

Sandy - thanks

M Wood

well done Mike
Nigel Atkins

I dont know.... im thinking this davie fellow could be an ISIS terrorist sending a coded message to kill buckwheat and alfalfa

On a lighter note... I think the gauge does have 2 wires connected

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

M Wood and others.

I also emailed this guy enclosing a link I got from the address bar.

BE VERY CAREFUL with links for this BBS copied from the address bar. You may inadvertantly copy the access ID which, apparently, gives anyone seeing this access id, the ability to log onto the bbs as you!!!!!!!!!!!! Even changing your password won't protect your account if your access ID gets into the wild.

I did this for this spanish guy but luckily it was caught by the webmasters email account.
The webmaster banned my access to the website just in case, and it took a flurry of emails to sort it out, because he needed to know it was me trying to get my access back.

The problem is that this website was programmed years ago and these little things were not thought about. Modern websites have these access codes encrypted so it doesn't happen now. However, eBay got caught out by this about 7 or 8 years ago.

If you have done this in the past keep an eye out for suspicious activity on your account.


Rob aka MG Moneypit

yes a very good point from Rob, send links to this site entered as a guest/visitor, not logged-in and not accessed via your normal log-in or bookmark/favourite

that is, as this where "You are not currently logged in as a member which will give you limited access." -
Nigel Atkins

This thread was discussed on 28/02/2015

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