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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Fuel Hose

Probably opening a can of worms here, but just had another fuel hose go on me within 18 months of last change suposed to be ok with new fuels rated din73379 and bought from a reputable source .What is the best fuel hose as i am getting sick of changing them it has become a service item every 12 months.
mark heyworth

I've never worried too much about the various "latest" standards and their numbers that are quoted as must have for some, and ethanol safe, as piss-poor rubber is piss-poor rubber no matter what label it has.

Previously I have lots of trouble with piss-poor 1/4" rubber fuel hoses.

I can't remember if 'G4509 Goodyear Fuel/Emission - DIN 73379-1 - 6.0 mm X 3 mm - 2B >NBR/PET/CSM<' fuel hose was good in the long term or not and if any is still on the car or not.

Somewhere on the midget I fitted, and still have fitted, some unbranded 14/" 'SAE J30 R6 "suitable for unleaded' 'w = fuel hose' stamp dated '2013 10'.

In the shed I have ready for when I get round to using it some 'Codan SAE J 30 R9 FKM - NBR - CPE fuel hose 5.6mm 55L2', it was recommended somewhere but I've never used it before so have no idea how good it is or how well it fit.

I think ethanol petrol (5%, IF it's in the petrol you use) is often unfairly blamed especially when piss-poor rubber is about.

Nigel Atkins

I tend to use reinforced fuel injection hose on everything now
There are hoses about that are marked suitable for use with fuel but really aren't pressure fuel line hoses, they are more for breather hoses etc
The injection hose is a lot better hose and designed for pressurized fuel use
William Revit

Mine is still the original 1975 one and functions as it should.
Mihgt be an option to look out for decent used ones?

Very frustrating this crappy rubber.
I had my clutch oil hose replaced for new and had 3 bad ones before I finaly had a proper one.
They al were swetting oil thrue... rubbish!!
A de Best

When I changed the fuel hose between the carbs I deliberately left it long enough to trim both ends off if required as a temporary fix as I found the previous hose deteriorated at the end, of course Sod's Law I've not had to do this (yet) with the existing hose. What piece and type of hose this is I don't know as I can't remember and it's unmarked as far as I can see from wingside.
Nigel Atkins

IIRC J30 R9 is the correct standard for latest ethanol fuels. Ensure it's a quality brand like Gates as there is bound to be unbranded far eastern fakes on ebay at silly cheap prices.
David Smith

Im sorry but ive misunderstood somehow, in my post I was referring to the hose between the tank and fuelcap
A de Best

avoid the hassle of dubious rubber on the clutch hose by fitting a Goodridge clutch hose that "feature the finest quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner with a stainless steel outerbraid". Possibly outlast the car(?).
Nigel Atkins

I replaced the fuel hoses on my MGB with J30 R9 hose, purchased from a regular eBay trader. Within a year they had hardened and cracked. I emailed the supplier and complained about the product but they didn't reply.

I then replaced the hoses with CODAN SAE J30 R9 and they're still good after 2.5 years. They were from Volksbolts who sell on eBay. Before fitting them I emailed Codan with the reference numbers printed on the hoses and they confirmed they were genuine.
Brian Shaw


Thatís good to know.
Dave O'Neill 2

There is a lot of discussion on the aircooled VW forums about which fuel hoses to use as there have been several instances of engine bay fires because of failing, poor quality hoses. There is quite a bit more hose in the engine bay of a Type 2 VW than a Spridget and it's more difficult to access and check.
As David mentioned Gates is a name which the VW people use for replacement and CODAN as Brian mentions is another brand which people use.
Alternatively Mark, you could use Esso Supreme Plus super unleaded fuel as it is, as far as I'm know, the only petrol which contains no ethanol; thereby removing the cause of the degradation. It's more expensive but less hassle than changing your fuel hoses every twelve months.
Jeremy MkIII

I've just bought a length of this from Scottish company Hoseworld. Stated to be safe with ethanol extended fuels and available in various sizes.
Mike Howlett

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