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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Full brake renovation

Hi all, after a number of years of talking about it I'm finally making some progress with getting my '76 1500 back to health

General transmission is believed to be sound (it was running 3 years back and has been kept garaged since then). Body is generally ok barring a few paint scratches. My first intention is simply to get it running and MOT'd to get some use out of it - I'd then probably look at a respray 12-18 months after that (yes I know it would be easier with a shell - but I also know if I do it that way the chances are it will be another 8 years before it runs)

So, first up is the brakes.

I've stripped one side of the rear and decided that I definately need new slave cylinders due to corrosion. I've not stripped the front yet - but I suspect I'll find the same there.

But whats slightly concerning me is that despite putting an ez-bleed on the master cylinder (which held pressure very happily) I didnt get any liquid out of either of the passenger side bleed nipples (front/rear). However - when I removed the rear cylinder there was a fluid in the pipe.

This suggests to me that there is a blockage somewhere in the system - either in the master cylinder or near to it in the pipework.

The fluid level in the master cylinder looks reasonable and the fluid was clear both at the master and slave ends of the line, visually the master cylinder also looks in pretty good condition (at least externally)

The fluid in there is probably 5-8 years old.

The brake peddle moves freely, and linkages appear find to the master cylinder. But the "feel" of the peddle is total mush.

So... I'm not entirely sure what the best way forward is.

My next thought was to disconnect the master cylinder from the brake line and check that it was pushing fluid when the peddle is depressed (although I'm slightly concerned about the fluid leakage onto the paint work when I do this)

If necissary I'm prepared to remove the entire system and put in new (although I'd probably look to clean and reuse all of the banjo elements with fresh washers) - but equally I'd be very happy to get it working without going through that.

Any suggestions?
Thomas Whipp

I've just been doing my front brakes - the nipple was blocked too - the rubber flexi brake hoses had disintegrated from the inside and started to block passageways... I would reccomend taking everything apart and replacing rear cylinders. Depending on piston condition you could just replace seals on the front calipers, or a new caliper is £35 from the MGB hive.

I've cleaned the calipers out with a compressed airline... all clean and fluid flowing now.

As for your "mushy pedal" - you'll probably find thats because the brake fluid is old and has absorbed water.

I don't think you'll need to replace any fixed pipe work unless its badly corroded to the state of MOT failure.

C L Carter

I would definitely replace the flexible hoses (2 front, 1 rear) They decompose internally even when they still look OK from the outside. I would also suggest that you use braided SS Goodridge hoses. They will last much longer and also give a much firmer feel to the pedal. Well worth the small extra cost whilst you are renewing anyway.

Yes - I totally agree with Guy
C L Carter

thanks guys - much appreciated.

I had already planned on changing the flexi hoses (infact I bought the parts before I even started to strip anything down as I took them as a given)

When you say "take everything apart" - I guess you mean each individual junction in the system? Once they are apart how would you clean them ? is this a fluid bath of some kind or just a really careful clean with a small wire brush?

I dont have a compressor - any other thoughts on clearing the lines?

PS: for the slaves I was thinking of ordering the after market parts from Rimmer Bros as they are half the price of Moss (

any experiance with them as a supplier?
Thomas Whipp

Rimmer brothers are very good for parts, also try MGBhive etc etc - there's a thread on the General board which has a debate on various suppliers at the moment!

By the time you've done all of that - you might as well just think about a total replacement - probably cheaper and easier in the long run, and certainly go goodridge hoses.

The air hose is to clean out the caliper assemblies... you won't need to clean out the car's fixed pipe work... just bleed through loads of clean fluid if you are really worried - but there won't be any bits of rubber there because the rubber hoses are at the end of the line. (Except at the rear... but if you want you can make 2 new pipes there... thats what I did, but mine were rusty anyway)

The easiest and most cost effective thing to do is.

1. replace both calipers £70 MGB hive
2. replace both rear pistons - £cheap from anywhere
3. New Stainless Steel hoses £33 MGB hive
4. replace rear brake pipes (£15 for some pipe and unions - you will need a flaring tool, get a good second hand one - a MoProd easy flare are the best IMO)
5. Replace pads at front
6. Inspect rear shoes

All in all about £150 and a leisurely weekends work.

C L Carter

They make brake parts themselves. Most good suppliers buy from them. They are cheap and improved the originals (better materials, better tolerance, improved engineering etc). They last much longer than the India/orichinese junk and they fit.

Flip Brühl 948 frog 59

that looks like a very interesting company!

Their online catalog was kind of wonky for me though, and I could not find a way to access MG parts to look up what they sell that will fit our cars.

If you have experience dealing with them and have ordered midget parts, were you able to just use the BMC part number to order from them?


Norm Kerr

click on the Union flag (Norm - our union, not yours!!)
then Catalogue
put MG in search box
= nothing listed for Midget
David Smith

I use to call them, they have everything (for brakes)

Flip Brühl 948 frog 59

and I see you can mail them. An other interesting site is:

Flip Brühl 948 frog 59

I have emailed CC parts to see if they can send a catalogue for what they can provide for 1500 midget... Do they have a UK outlet ?
John Barber

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