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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Gas struts for bonnet and boot

Anybody out there put gas struts on their Spridget to support boot lid and bonnet?
If so what fits?

John Ruderman

I thought Alan Anstead from Kent/Surrey-Masc has.
I believe there even was an article about it in Mascot too some time ago... early 2010??
Arie de Best

got one from the boot of a metro in the same place as the original thing. causes bonnet to be twisted a bit when it's shut, but that's cos i've not bothered to fit it that well. makes a cool swoosh noise and is just about powerful enough to open bonnet by itself :)
Rob Armstrong

A few years ago I did this with the struts from a Metro rear tail gate. I actually put 2 onto the bonnet and one on the boot. Thought I had to redrill something but can't quite remember and have since removed them.

I removed the bonnet because I have fitted a FG front and the rear one I broke and thought it easier to simply refit the original.

I thought they were pretty good when I had them fitted.
Bob Turbo Midget England

Thanks all,
I will be off to the breakers on Saturday
John Ruderman

Also heard people doing this with a polo boot strut. this polo I don not know. Might be easier to find in a scrappy than a metro these days.

C Robertson

Ive been using a #7 blue dot ping Iron, (ISI nickle) Iron Super easy, vary cool looking and gets peoples attention

cool factor... Im such a slave to it LOL.


Sorry I cant find a photo of IsI brelium nickle blue dot iron


Did mine using Range Rover Vogue tail lift struts, utilising their fittings as well

Geoff Mears

Article, by me, in the midget & Sprite Club Magazine Mascot late in 2009.
Suitable struts for fitting to a Spridget bonnet are supplied in kit form by MGB Hive for an MGB

Supplied in the kit are two "lower" brackets identifiable by having three holes and two upper brackets for fitting on the bonnet, two struts and all the nuts and bolts.

The lower brackets I fitted underneath the rainwater gulley on either side of the engine bay. The holes for the bonnet buffers were used and the buffers relocated. One hole needed easing to align with that of the bracket. The holes corresponded to 14 & 16 inches from the bulkhead rain gulley.

The "upper" brackets for fitting to the bonnet were fitted by different means on either side of the bonnet due to the bonnets construction however for both fittings the brackets were re-formed from right angular to flat.

The centre of the upper bracket was fitted in from the rear of the bonnet at a point 27 3/16. On the drivers side this corresponded with an un-used bracket affixed to the bonnet probably for an unused prop. The kit bracket was attached to this with a 4mm screw & locknut. The nearside bracket was attached by drilling two holes again for 4mm screws ans locknuts but because of the bonnet design also with a 1/4 plastic packing piece. At each stage the bonnet was raised & lowered to ensure that nothing fouled. All that was left was to push the telescopic arms onto the ball joints after priming ie compressing and extending several times.

I have not fitted struts on the boot of a Spridget nor a Frogeye steel bonnet - yet.
A Anstead

I think that Geoff Hunter may have fitted them to a fogeye
Gary lazarus

You can buy universal (ie fits nothing) sets from some of those glitzy boy racer shops that sell stick on crap

Carbon fibre fishing rod, cut to length and velcro'd in

Lightweight, doesnt cause a twisted bonnet, allows access to battery and is made of a gucci material.


I do find the idea of anything which enables the bonnet to open on its own, quite a scary thought.
Gary lazarus

mine doesn't do the bottom bit, for some odd sort of cam reason it pushes the bonnet down over the last couple of inches, that's what makes it twisty a bit.
Rob Armstrong

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