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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Gearbox oil level.

Have filled my 1275 newly refurbed box up to just below the fill plug on the top left of the box. Is this correct or have i to measure out an exact quantity for the box then fill it ?

ps Clutch bleed saga still ongoing - will not be beat !


Co Durham.
G Bewick


Yes this is fine. I assume the car is on level ground.
Bob Beaumont

IIRC the book states 'to the bottom of the screw threads of the filler plug'
David Smith

it's as David has put.

After the first drive I'd check the level again and top up if required.

If your box has engine oil then you'd do well to change it every couple of years or 24k-miles, whichever is the sooner, to help keep the box in top condition, it's cheap and easy to do so why not.

You'd also do well to buy the relevant Driver's Handbook and refer to it.

Ref: 0057 -

Nigel Atkins

"Cheap and easy to do" ???

Has anyone found an easy way to refit the filler plug on the 1275, it is just out of finger tip reach, and sticking it to a socket runs the risk of cross threading.
Dave Barrow

leave the filler plug well alone and fill it through the remote (1.3 litres). Remember to remove the gear stick first....
S G Macfarlane

Dave B..I normally fit it from underneath for the very reasons you give...Dave C
David Cox

I always filled mine through the remote since on a left hand drive you've also got the steering wheel in the way making it even more difficult. And filling it through the remote also lubricates the linkage in the remote.

Two options for refitting the plug (or at least getting the thread started), both of which I have used successfully in the past:
1. Jam it in the socket and go carefully.
2. Find someone with small hands.
I've always used PTFE tape on the filler plug, though I'm not sure the Good Book recommends it.
Jonathan Severn

For fitting the plug I would take some paper and use it as filler when jamming the plug into the socket. It holds it well enough to get it started. A nice long extension for the socket obviously helps too. This was before I discovered the remote filling method.

I can't remember having much trouble, perhaps I've forgotten, I do remember being surprised how offset it seemed to be to the rubber plug and apeture, or did I dream that.

I find the filler plug on the T9 more awkward but a bit of patience or a couple of tries gets the jog done and that's with a socket on an extention bar leaning into the passenger footwell.

Sometimes if you have a fitting sitting well you can run it backwards a bit and feel when the threads align to start fastening.

I also find blu-tack very useful with sockets and fittings.
Nigel Atkins

I use a 6" extension on a socket but don't clip the socket fully into the extension. there is enough movement that way to get the thread started. Done it that way for the last 40 odd years!
Bob Beaumont

I use a 1/4" drive extension with a 3/8" converter on both ends, it lines the plug up perfectly :-)
David Smith

The number of times I've wanted a 1/4 to 3/8 adapter but I've never owned one even though at one time I had three sets of 3/8 to 1/2 & 1/2 to 3/8 as I thought I'd lost my original set so bought two replacement sets, then to discover the lost set rolled under the plastic tray in the socket set box.

Taking my time because I didn't know what I was doing must have worked for me as I can't remember using any special set up of tools or having any real difficulty with the getting the plug out or back in - reminds me that I've always wanted some wobble bars though, but never got any.
Nigel Atkins

I use a magnet.

Flip Brühl

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