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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Goop on 1500 Timing Chain Cover

I was cleaning and degreasing the 79 midget 1500 Engine while out for gearbox and clutch work and there seemed to be a lot of goop buildup on the timing chain cover. When I cleaned off the grease and dirt there was still a thick layer of what seems to be body filler on the cover. I removed it thinking there was some past damage to it but it was fine. Why is there a layer of Bondo on the front of the timing chain cover?? Someone went to some trouble to put it there. Mabye for sound deadening? (is the timing chain that noisy to some?) Any clues to solve this mystery would be appreciated.

OMG, I have the same thing on MY 1979 1500!!
It is exactly as you describe and doesn't appear to do anything.
I saw this 76 Spitfire 1500 once, too.
I haven't a clue as to why this is there. It's just a gob of goo slopped on there will little care.
Does this serve some sort of sound deadening purpose?

Inquiring minds want to know!
What the heck is it?????
Lee Fox

Sound deadener, makes a lot of difference, especially when the chain is worn out and beating on the cover, and the tensioner is eating its way through the cover! When it gets through it blows oil all over and really makes a mess. Looks like a dog with his tongue hanging out on a hot day!

Fletcher R Millmore

I think I would rather hear the noise when the chain was wearing thru so I could fix it!
Was this goop appied at the factory or was it a "repair shop/shadetree fix"??

Mickey -
You can still hear the chain flap, but it's easier for people to ignore. It was factory, way back to TR2 - long fibre asbestos and some sort of binder - bitchy to get off.

Fletcher R Millmore

The "goop" I removed from 2 1979 Midget 1500's as well as one 1978 Spit 1500 appeared to be a cork-based matrix. Chunky little cubes in binder. Peeled out pretty easy.

R J Reeves

I have procured an additional 1500 timing chain cover that seems to be made of a much heavier gauge metal than the 79 MG Cover. I think I will use that one sans the GOOP. Since this is a yellow MG Midget 1500 with the Black Special Stripes, and my lady refers to it as the "Bumble Bee", the noise will enhance its image!


Richard -
Reckon that's the post asbestos version. The first car I scraped off was such a mess I didn't realize that I wasn't just getting more of the 2 inches of crud that was everywhere; I never tried scraping any off once I realized what it was for.

Fletcher R Millmore

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