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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Grinding Noise!!!!

I have an MG midget 1500 when the car is in neutral I am getting a grinding noise from what I believe maybe the gear box when I put my foor on the clutch it dissapears? Any ideas what it could be? Clutch or gear box? I suppose I will have to drop the gear box off and investigate further?
C Carter

Using a tyre lever or large screwdriver see if there is any forward / back movement of the crank by levering behind the front crankshaft pulley. It could be due to worn crankshaft shims which can be replaced without removing engine or gearbox.

Guy Oneandahalf Sprites

Check oil in gearbox; consider draining it and checking for particles. Refill with correct grade.

Anthony Cutler

You don't say if this was sudden or gradual but check the transmission oil first because possibly the release bearing may be failing. Sadly, because of the design of the car, it's an engine/transmission out job instead of a simple transmission removal.

Hope this helps.
Clive Reddin

Thanks for all your suggestions, I will drain the gearbox oil and check for particles this weekend and will also check the crank shaft shims. Hopefully will be back on the road soon!Just need to sort out backlash in the diff and source a wire whell that isnt buckled.
C Carter

Sounds like your release bearing. Mines identical. Grating with the clutch out, but push it in and the noise is gone.

Mines been noisy for the past 2 years or so, and it's my daily driver. If you can live with the noise, I recon the bearing will live too.

Thanks Road Warrior sounds like a plan I dont mind the noise just keep the clutch in! Think I will live with it then if it gets really bad will have to pull the gearbox then.
C Carter

I'd (also) suggest you check your oil and change it if you don't know when it was last done

and it might be clutch release bearing but don't leave it if it gets worse as Sod's Law it will breakdown at the worse possible time

Nigel Atkins

C. Carter. Don't leave the clutch pedal down when sitting at a traffic light etc. That puts pressure on the crankshaft and that in turn puts unnecessary pressure on the thrust washers. If they wear to the point they fall out, it could mean a catastrophic end to your engine as the crank might end up hitting internal components not to mention stressing out the connecting rods.

Sadly, the nest thing is to attend to the release bearing or learn to tolerate the noise. Of course, the bearing will fail at the worst possible time and the furthest from home on a day when all the repair shops are closed!
Clive Reddin

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