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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Guzzling fuel


Firstly I realize this is not 100% MG related so apologies, but the car is definitely an MG.On that basis, and hoping your collective and vast experience may shed some light, herewith the problem.

Car is the beastly 71 mk 3 with the 2.0 Ford blacktop fitted with a Weber 32/26 DGAV. Now on the road - hurrah! However, it appears to be guzzling fuel. Lots more than previous! Idle is very somooth, as is take off, and the mixture has been tuned to within a hair. No smoke, no black plugs -new actually, no backfire, no hesitation. All fine as far as driving. I have of course looked for leaks - nothing, and no smell of petrol anywhere. It has the noraml fuel pump at the rear, a square Facet up front for added pressure, and a regulator downstream of that before the carb. All appear fine. Electronic ignition by the by. NoDiz unit.

It all seemed fine beforehand, and the only thing I have done since is overhaul the carb, but nothing major. Cleaned it out, replaced accelerator pump and a few minor bits. However, this is really the only thing fuel wise I have tinkered with - so the problem may be lurking here....Not sure where to start except by stripping the carb again, but I would not know where to look.

Anything else you chaps can think of regarding where else to look would be much appreciated.


Carb is obviously your first port of call, so that's me out with that.

Any difference showing on the temperature gauge?

(Keep your wig on with this one) - how do you know it's using more fuel, what is your method of measurement?
Nigel Atkins

Has your right foot gain an excessive amount of weight? ;-)

I had a 76 Mk3 GT. I'm not certain but I think with lean jetting it never managed anything between 25 and 30 mpg. Maybe the old pump jet was clogged so helped the MPG?

Might have got the jets mixed up on if you had them out of your 36/26 (26/36)DGV
Is it electric or water choke
Some of the electric ones have a problem with a post breaking off in the choke operating housing and the choke operating lever catches and jams at times
William Revit

Manual choke - no issues there - simple stuff. Jets were removed, but I was blinking sure to replace them correctly....No black smoke either...maybe just the guage playing up close to empty. Refilled to full, zero the trip, brim it again and let's see.....

Glorious up here. Went for a spin, blasted by a few open-mouthed tourists, bought some cucumber plants....

"... Refilled to full, zero the trip, brim it again and let's see....."

Now that's what I was on about, Mark you seemed to have turned into a bit of a Corporal Jones.

Glad you enjoyed your spin (not literally I hope) and you've got good weather - not sure about the cucumber plants. :)
Nigel Atkins


I only panic when I have to....It's a survival response when I see something not quite right...and what's wrong with cucumbers pray? Splendid with a G&T....

G&T! Are you former a Tyne & Wear soccer player(!?)

Fill up with Tesco Momentum99 or Shell v-power, b*gger your expense and warm the wheels, report back on mpg are two tankfuls (just to get your wallet used to the expense) - and if you can, enjoy.
Nigel Atkins

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