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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Hazard flashers with repeaters wiring.

I want to fit hazard flashers to my '65 Sprite, but also incorporate side repeaters using the units fitted to the BMW Mini One. These will also serve as wing vents.
The car is wired negative earth with an alternator.
Currently it still has its 51 year old flasher unit fitted, so I guess I'll have to change that,but I have no idea as to a wiring circuit.
As usual, thank you in advance.
Bernie Higginson

You need to retain the original flasher unit for the indicators and use a separate flasher unit for the hazards.

If I wasn't busy emulsioning the bathroom ceiling at the moment, I would draw you a circuit.

Have a look at Paul Hunt's site re adding hazards to earlier cars
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Dave. No rush, it's just one of the winter jobs planned, so I haven't yet taken the cutter to the wings.
And yes, I've also got some imulsioning to do in the attic soon.
Bernie Higginson

Considering im really good at setting fire to any electrical circuit

so this is how id proceed

start with the bulbs ...midget are 12 volt and most modern electrics are around 2 to 5 volts so you will probably need a relay

next id do an add on fuse box ...modern and put that whole ciruit on it by its also convert the head lights to halogens and put that on its own curcuit on the add on fuse box

next id eliminate the individual grounds and bring all the individual grounds to 1 central location thats a high end clean ground away from dirt grim and rust

next id get rid of the bullets and find a good high end modern wire connector impervious to moisture

next id dump all the wiring and install new

and id repostion the hazard flasher out of the radio consel and under the bonnet next to the regular repeater they are both side by side

so there are a few ideas

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I looked at this and was quite confused by all the different and very complicated ways to do it, then i found this simple switch.

This makes it so simple, its a switch with three connections that make at the same time.
Take a spur from your flasher unit, then one from each indicators side circuit and thats it.

Its a nice softish rubber/plastic and the whole thing slashes red when you use it.
Looks period as well.

As for the extra side repeaters, you could wire them in at the same time by piggybacking the extra lights off the same spade connection.

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

flashes, not slashes ;-)
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Unfortunately I don't think is a simple as just using that switch in the way you describe Andy :-(

The problem being that the Hazards will only work when the ignition is on. They should operated regardless of ignition switch status.

J Smith

As Jim said, that switch will not work 'as is'. You would also need the extra hazard flasher unit, but that switch does not have the facility to interrupt power to the normal indicator flasher unit.

A much better option is this switch from the same supplier.

It also includes the flasher unit and the switch does interrupt power to the normal indicator flasher unit.

It also shows a wiring diagram, although that isn't particularly clear.

Assuming that you have the correct indicator switch for a '65 model, you would need to do the following (all where the indicator switch connect to the main loom)...

1. Disconnect the light green/brown wires, connect one of each to the two green/purple wires from the new unit.

2. Connect the green/white wire from the new switch to the RH indicator circuit (green/white) using a double bullet connector if necessary.

3. Connect the green wire from the new switch to the LH indicator circuit (green/red) using a double bullet connector if necessary.

4. Connect the black from the new switch to ground. There should be a black wire from the indicator switch, so connect it there, again using a double bullet connector if necessary.

5. You will also need an unswitched, fused supply. If there is a spare purple wire (not purple/black) coming out of the loom near the indicator switch connections, use that. It may be connected to the headlamp flash, if your car had that option fitted. Alternatively, there may be a brown (unfused) wire there for the same purpose. You can connect to that, but it would be best to use an in-line fuse. The other alternative is to take a feed from the purple circuit at the fusebox.

With the early style indicator switch, the tell-tales on the dash are switched through separate contacts in the indicator switch, so they won't work with the hazards. The hazard switch itself does have its own warning light, though.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Andy. Some nice switches there. I think I could use one of them.
Unfortunately in the UK it is as Jim says and as confirmed in Dave's link, that the flashers must work regardless of ignition on or off.

Thanks Dave. We posted at the same time. I'll copy your instructions.
Bernie Higginson

Dave. Do you think this one might be better? It has an in line fuse.
Bernie Higginson

Yes, it seems to be essentially the same but with the added fuse.

Curiously, the address seems to be almost identical to MGB Hive.
Dave O'Neill 2

I used another CarbuilderSolution's switch TSKR2 which is a double pole toggle switch and coupled it with an electronic flasher relay capable of switching all 4 lamps at the same time (100w). I then put the indicator circuit onto the live side of the power system (fused) rather than the ignition circuit. This means that the indicators themselves will work with ignition off but I didn't really see that as a problem. Both my cars are now set up like this.

I would be wary of the switch which Dave suggests. I fitted one of these previously, not from the same supplier but it looked remarkably similar, and the quality was rubbish! The contacts had no spring in them and even during the testing when installing the contacts started to fail.
Graeme Williams

If these modern switches are suspect, it may be better to get a new old stock, or used Triumph switch and hazard flasher and make your own kit...which is what I'm doing.

Here's one...
Dave O'Neill 2

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