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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Heater cable nuts

Does anyone know a source of the nuts (either the hex or the circular dress nut) that are used to fasten the heater control cable to the dash. I think the thread is 9/16" x 32tpi. I've fixed a S/H switch,I think I can order the knob from Moss, but the nuts are NLA.

Ta, Mark
M Crossley

are they not the same as all the other Lucas flick switches of the period?
David (davidDOTsmithAT stonesDOTcom)

Thanks for the suggestion David. I tried the nut off a new headlamp toggle switch and the thread is different. I suppose modern copies might be manufactured with different threads to match available nuts.

M Crossley

I have one you can have - pm me with your address and I will post it to you.
David Banks

Ps I think I also kept the knob if you need that as well ??
David Banks

Thanks very much for your kind offer.
PM sent - I think.
M Crossley

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