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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Heritage shell gains heart........

Just thought I would share my progress - engine and 'box now now installed!

J M Hutton

Second pic.

J M Hutton

Third pic.

J M Hutton

Lovely JM. Good stuff - well done.

Nice garage floor!

Very nice. Lovely colour. What year is that? Early I suspect judging by the 1100 and wiper motor. Have you had to compromise on anything with the shell not being exactly as it should be?

Must be great working with everything nice and new!
john payne

Thank you Greybeard - floor due back in the utility room before the wife gets in 😱
John P - it's a 1965 1098cc mk3 Sprite, and yes there have been compromises. The rear deck is different by about 4" i.e. I have to use a one piece hood mechanism as against hockey sticks. This however is an advantage in speed of hood erection in a downpour! Also, I've had to use a later pedal box arrangement, as the heritage shell is based on the mk4 Sprite/mk 3 midget.
The 'working with everything nice and new' was the main attribute. With an almost perfect body, I believe you are halfway there - rust was always the enemy of these cars (and of vehicles of the period).
I'm hoping to use the car very regularly - as one would have done when they were new.... John.
J M Hutton

Looks very nice John

When I de-Arkleyed mine (involved getting rid of broken glassfibre etc) a 66 car, I was able to get hold of a rear end shell of a hinged hood car to build in

It seems a far better way of living than trying to assemble hood sticks in a sudden downpour

I like the colour too, very tasty
Bill sdgpM

So you've lost all of the distinct features of a MKII.....
Onno K

Excellent John, so in reality you have kept the good bits of the mk2 like the older looking interior but lost the bad bits like the odd looking hood. Good to hear you are going to use it properly, with some good cavity treatment and underside protection it should last for years.
john payne

You've got something to be proud of there
Is that Iris Blue ??
William Revit

Thanks to Bill, Onno, john, &William for your comments.
Onno - I hear what you are saying, and yes, I like the look of the Mk2/3 rear deck. It would have been well beyond me to incorporate that feature into the new shell though.
William - correct, it is Iris Blue - my favourite Sridget colour!
J M Hutton

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