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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Horn Push Pencil Thingy

On my 63 Mk 1 midget, when I try to fit the horn push into the centre of the wheel, an original one I believe, the spring loaded pencil thingy is too long, and the horn push can't sit properly. Can I just shorten the long end of the pencil, which presumably goes up??

Mike Quilter

Just ordered one from moss , yes mine is too long as well , need somebody to measure an original..Bl**dy patern parts. Roy
R Mcknight

The pencil should come apart enough for the longer brass section to be held in a three jaw lathe chuck and be machined shorter. This should be done carefully in order not to loose the 'pencil's' efficiancy. Remember, you can always take a bit more off, but it may be difficult to put it back on again....

If I get time (and remember) I'll measure an original today.

M T Boldry

Hi Mike,

I had exactly the same problem on my car. After much measuring of splines on the end of the steering column and checking I had the correct column for the car it turned out that the angle of the column wasn't quite right against the dash. I hadn't fitted the two dash support bars underneath the dash which hold it to the bulkhead and needed a couple of extra packing pieces on the column where it meets the bulkhead under the dash. Once this was all done the pencil was exactly the right length. Basically I didn't have enough of the column sticking out of the dash to be able to get the cowl and wheel on and leave enough length to get the pencil in and the horn push on.

Hope this helps.....and makes sense.


Ali- Midget Mk1 1098

I just measured how much too long my new one was in situ, sawed it to slighly over the correct length, then filed it down. Works a treat.
Graham P 1330 Frogeye

Thanks Graham and others, I chopped it off, filed it up, and toot toot!
Mike Quilter

I also had to shorten mine, '63 but with an aftermarket wheel/hub. I actually took the brush (pencil thingy) apart and shortened the long end AND the plastic housing, resoldered it. Then I realized I had over shortened it, duh, had to build up the back of horn push with some brass hunks to get good contact. Horn worked great.....for a while. Just yesterday I figured out the wire that connects the two brass pieces and broken, soldered it back (not easy) good to go again. Tinker tinker, always tinkering.
J Van Dyke

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