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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Horn stalk push

Hi everyone, previous? owner of my 73 1275 RWA fitted a flick switch on the dash to operate the horn, this works the horn fine, but I'm trying to restore the car to it's orginal spec. So, took off the steering wheel shroud and the horn connector on the indicator switch is there, however I presume who ever fitted the mota lita wheel (it has a hole for the pencil), either couldn't fit the horn ring and pencil or forgot to. So the choice is source and fit these two parts, how easy is that? removing the wheel etc and getting it to work, or buying a stalk with horn push and how would I need to wire it up to get it to work correctly, I'm no auto electrician so please make it simple for me!
many thanks for any advice, Dave.
DW Warren

I've just fitted a Mota Lita wheel and there is a horn button fitted to the boss (assuming you have the correct boss). The button is far better than the original setup as it doesn't require a pencil. It may be that the boss centre button just isn't fitted, I believe you can buy these separately for the Mota Lita website for 12 (may be cheaper elsewhere).
Rob Storer

Dave - I also had the same setup of mota-lita and dash switch fitted by DPO of my 72 RWA. Spent a while trying to figure out how the standard 'pencil' setup could possibly fit the mota-lita boss, before realizing as Rob points out that the centre plastic push actually contains the switch and has a screw-terminal on the back. So the pencil isn't needed, and all that was missing on mine was the slip-ring and a connection to the push-switch.

I phoned Mota-lita to ask if they could supply the missing bits. They were very helpful and offered to fit a slip-ring to the boss if I returned the wheel to them. However I wasn't 100% sure this would match the spring contact on the column, so decided to remove the wheel and glue on a standard slip-ring myself - I think it needed a bit of plastic removing in order to fit. Before glueing, I soldered a wire to the back of the slip-ring contact, which then passes through the hole in the boss to the push-switch.

Could probably get some photos of this if needed. It may well be less work to fit a later stalk with horn push, but I like a challenge.
Stephen Tickell

thanks Rob and Stephen, you've been a fantastic help, I've ordered a slip ring and like your idea Stephen of soldiering the wire to the slip ring, also Rob thanks for pointing out the push was a button, on closer inspection I can now see how it works, how did I not see that :-) just hope the wheel comes off without too much of a struggle!
thanks again, Dave.
DW Warren

Dave. When you're pulling the wheel off, undo the nut but don't take it right off until you have freed the wheel, because if it comes off all of a sudden you could get it in the teeth! Do'nt ask how I know.

b higginson

Also, if you have the collapsible steering column, be careful not to break the plastic joints when removing the wheel.
Dave O'Neill 2

thanks Bernie and Dave, good sound advice as always,
much appreciated.
DW Warren

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